BTC status - Bearish trend still valide

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Hello all,

Yesterday, we had a major correction on the Bitcoin(BTC) and also on most of the altcoins. I hope you read my previous publications which were warning you about that.

Now the volatility is decreasing a little bit but we didn't left yet the bearish canal. We should see soon a reversal which will break that canal to go up a little bit. Be careful with that move because it can be very short and just created to allow a new drop to start again.

If you like risk and short terms positions, you could try to make some profits when we will break the canal that I put you on the picture below. However be sure you understand the important risks of this kind of trade. As always, you are responsible for your actions ;)


Take care all,

PS : Never invest more than what you can afford to loose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions.

Version française ici : [FR] BTC mise à jour - Tendance baissière toujours en cours



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I lost $200 😑 I invested when BTC value is in $4987
And by couple of days it unexpectedly fallen down to $4300 . Now it is trading near to $3800- may be it will reach to $3000 by this week. Hope it will recover soon 😐 thanks for sharing @cryptopassion keep steeming

Courage Saimegh... you will have some other opportunities to have some money back.
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Thanks for your support @cryptopassion resteemed to my followers
Can I can how you got that stock chart? I too will post regarding my experience in trading

Go to, you can find most of the crypto charts there

How to download charts friend ? @crypytopassion

I don't download them, I make a printscreen and copy paste it in a photo editor to draw on it.

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@cryptopassion This is great news. Nicely carried out!.

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