BTC/BCH Update - Bull trend at short term for BTC - Waiting mode for the BCH

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Hello all,

I'm back from a very busy but interesting week which was very time consuming and which didn't allow me to make some posts these last days... So I will try to be back this week with some analysis and news.

Here are my current analysis about the Bitcoin(BTC) and the BitcoinCash(BCH) :

Bitcoin - BTC

The Bitcoin is currently in a trouble zone. The 1 day chart shows me that we are in a bearish trend but the hourly chart is much more positive and could show us a nice come back around 4500$. So yeah be very careful with the Bitcoin currently. I think we didn't see yet the more deeper point of that correction but some profits are still possible to do with the current increase. I think that I will use that increase to make some sell orders at higher points and take profits when BTC will drop again.

BitcoinCash - BCH

As I was explaining you in my previous articles, I was interesting to see if the BCH will increase when the BTC will drop. Till now this theory is not yet validated but neither invalidated also. I'm not sure that this theory will happen, but you can however notice that the BCH kept good value during the BTC drop. We are now on a support level and the price variation is very quiet. I'm waiting a big movement of the BTC value to take a decision regarding the BCH.

Take care all,

PS : Never invest more than what you can afford to loose. This post is my personal opinion, do your own research before making any investment decisions.

Version française ici : [FR] Mise à jour BTC/BCH - Tendance haussière à court terme pour le BTC - En mode attente pour le BCH



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Why do you think it' only short-term? Shouldn't price retrace back to around $4700?


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The Blockchain is a great technology and for the time being we can expect that emergent nature of the community will overcome all the bans, governments and restrictions and to continuously change technology on its way.

Having said this it's very difficult to bet on the right crypto, which one will be the one that will solve the specific issue of the moment?

My suggestion would be to:

  • yes spend time to select cryptos and tokens, look at graphs and read about teams and regulation
  • but always maintain a portfolio of cryptos so that you are not too exposed to idiosyncratic risk

For those interested I wrote a post on the gains from diversification.

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