Lots of LAMBO money hidding in this down crypto market!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Don't let the FUD fueled by the mainstream keep you from seeing opportunity when its right in-front of you. Moments like this is when fortunes are made. Being able to study the market at it weakest and lowest is how you get solid positions that get you massive returns.

This isn't financial advise and I am not a financial advisor. I am just someone who has invested in crypto currency and has made all the mistakes you could think of. If your looking to 10x you investment this is the market to do it in.

Watch my video to see some of the coins I have found have support in these times that I a myself am going to invest more money into.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good time to buy now... Market is going up... Want to provide feedback to clarify and elaborate

BTC: total volatility but to be frank, a good time to buy
XLM - No need to bring up and agree with you... Strong market.. Still waiting for IBM to expand its use and Wells Fargo announcement (speculation for the past couple of months)
ADA - hit hard because no completion on major projects.. It is still in development.. So I believe there would be a low support and expected... Long term for me
NEO - Trying to faucet them out as much as I can
Nano- is Railblock and rebranded (and I do not believe in this coin though many good investors do)
VEN - Agree with you
Tether - Just think that they can' t handle scale though how it works is not where I question
Steem - Agree
Binance - Agree
Verge - I don't believe in Wraith and many people who believe in hype called me a downer.. Well, it is still not done universally (not just Mac OS)
Kucoin - Good but I am more into Binance than Kucoin
Electroneum - is going up due to their announcement with people who could mine via mobile phone
Dragonchain - will be an interesting coin and would think it will go up
CND - You know where I stand.. It help above $.20 (which I believe was a resistance and now is the support)...
Zencash - is a great coin (didn't get a chance to buy it when it was low)....

Great video!!!

Seems like a push if I sell one cryptocurrency to another. They really mirror after the BTC price.

Neo is my boy! Been buying as much as I can, especially watching how it recovers after these pullbacks. Keep up the content man!

As allways great content. I had to pull away for a few to spend some time with a very dear friend in the hospital. He opened his eyes for the first time last night so i finaly got some sleep. Ive been going back and watching all your vids that I missed and trying to catch up on your blogs. Looking back at the market for the last couple of weeks this was probably the best time to take a break from the market. All is looking good for now so lets see what the rest of this month brings us. There are alot of good oportunities out there to come and it can only get better from here on out!!! Thanks for all the great insite. Keep it comming.

Awesome stuff man thanks for your public service because all your doing is help people save people alot of search and time by providing serious info so again thanks alot for your hard work.

I wasn't going to touch the market with that slight bull, but she's bleeding again - grabbed some more CND @ .17 (of course it dropped to .16 instantly haha!). Like you, I believe in this coin. Most alt coins are at the liberty of BTC but this is different - it's a knowledge coin - i.e. (it's app/bot) will tell you when BTC is going to drop. I feel CND will continually rise or find support despite what the market is doing - because it is telling you what the market is doing (tomorrow). Could be wrong - I've lost a fair chunk of money but this is fun.

I just received my steemit account today. Came straight to your channel. Looking forward to the future of the market. I am looking at the projects that deal with the supply chain such as wabi. I think that is something that can do well for business and technology future. Thank you for your vids. I am more than willing to take any crypto you choose to gift.

Thx, for the solid info again.

"I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett

i was able to get in on cindicator on the last dipe we had. I think i bought in at 6 cents. Had to capitalize

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

All great info on all the great coins but it seems like I'm always one step behind and getting the coins just after they have peaked. Still sponging and learning. I'm assuming I will be one step ahead at some point lol. Until then keep the great info comming!!

i started my crypto journey this week. i purchased trx, cindicator, and litecoin. next week i hope to buy more alts and have alittle bitcoin to hold. and yes stellar will be a buy soon as well as vibe. vibe coin may never be a typical coin but i believe it will be a great business later. i will be holding that a while.