Know Your Developer (KYD) Masternode Project!

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

KYD is the latest masternode project that I have invested in. The project attempts to fill an important gap in the masternode space. As many of you know, there is a lot of scams in masternode space with the promises of high returns. They pump the price due to low volume and start dumping the coins on new comers. KYD follows a process very similar to KYC process of some crypto exchanges. They are not an ERC-20 Token and they have their own mainnet and explorer.

What KYD Offers?

  1. Building a trust between the community and developers
  2. Makes it harder for developers to abandon the project since their identity is out there.
  3. Offers ICO reviews
  4. They sell a full package of blockchain development, wallet development, explorer creation on demand
  5. They have a full release of their platform in October
  6. Why I Think KYD Will Succeed?

    1. They are tackling to a big gap in masternode space
    2. They are tackling to a big gap in masternode space.
    3. Their team is publicly visible on their page.
    4. They require payment for verification in KYD which pushes the price up naturally.
    5. Their coin actually has a use case unlike most of the other coins.

    Masternode Specs and Income Potential

  7. Annual ROI = 555%
  8. KYD Price = 0.2$
  9. Daily Income = 30$
  10. Days to Break-Even = 66
  11. Masternode Price = 2,000$

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I've been looking at this coin as well. In the end I passed on it.

It does have a real world use case as a business as it aims to solve an important (and annoying) problem.

The issue I have is that the market for this business is really small. And there is no on-going revenue as far as I can see.

Also why a KYD coin? And why a masternode coin? Makes no sense.


Hey Marlon, KYD's coin is a utility coin for those developers to use to get their coin verified. The use case is the payment that developers need to make. It is a masternode coin because developers are well known in the space and MN space is where most scams occur other as well as ICOs which KYD reviews as well