I guess it's a good thing for those that still have money to buy. There remains upside as long as there are non-beleivers.

I think people are dumping the market to even buy with a heavy rush in late 2018.
Its like the same curves in 2017/16/15/14/13.

And the BTC dominance will lead eventually to a big token purchase.

Time will tell

don't be fooled

yes, very good point!
Gov says: get out, and next 5 mins allow a big company to launch same type of business.....

They don’t want the small fish in the game.

exactly - on point :)

Maybe these with money pay them to say its a scam so they can buy at a cheap price and sell higher when media says for a while that it isn't a scam and everybody starts a higher price. It all goes round and round. Ideal would be to buy when everybody call crypto a scam and sell when everybody is confident.