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hi @honarparvar

I've heard few times people saying "remember remember, the moon in november"?

I think many investors were holding to their cryptos in strong believe to have short bull run at the end of the year.

This believe and spirit seem to be completly broken now. I cannot see where buying power would be coming from in current martket conditions and personally I expect BTC dropping below last support level (3500).

Let's face it. 2017 has been great because mass media brought tons of uneducated investors into this market. Gread and lack of knowledge were something very common. People were joinin cryptospace happily without even thinking of regulations and paying taxes etc.

This all changed and trust has been broken. It's not going to get any better until this trust will recover and lack of regulations isn't really helping.

Currently we're neither here or there. Im personally investing only in STEEM knowing that tax office will not go after me one day. Because I never plan to sell my own STEEM and make profit. Im staying away from anything else for that simple reason.

Sentiments are awful. I hope that STO (security token offerings) will bring more trust into this market in 2019

In meantime many experts expect global economy to go through serious challenges within a year or two (some people expect another huge crisis). That also isnt helping crypto at all.

Thx for your post buddy
Good read


great comment 👍 i agree with all you said

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