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in bitcoin •  11 months ago

What The ??? Shocking seeing Bitcoin rocket up like this. All Bitcoin is is Computer software backed by a digital processing system. Bitcoin is like buying a million dollar house for nothing and putting up the collateral in the form of AIR. Be careful out there people. Don't loose your shorts on this one. You all know that when something continues to be pumped and pumped and pumped that it is ready to POP. All I'm saying is to be careful if you own Bitcoin. Watch your backs people.

On a side note, congrats to those who have profited incredibly through Bitcoin. Good luck in your decision making in the future concerning Bitcoin. Ok, I'm going to go buy some more Silver Bullion. Cheers.

(image from google imaging under the subject yellow box). I added the number 12,338

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This is more informative about bitcoin...resteem


Thanks for the Resteem. I appreciate that. Cheers.


Thank you very much@cheers

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Sure. Feel Free to resteem any of my posts anytime. Cheers and Thanks.


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i love this bitcoin

Really @crowe your post always good and helpful.Thanks:)

@crow you are always exceptional man. thank you very much sir

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