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in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

To say I create is too much perception of responsibility, so I flow.

Being self centered, I clearly see what my spaceship looks like from the outside, when I look at the Sun.

Not believing in life after death allows me to live life overflowing... Craig :)


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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It actually kind of looks like a prison during the day time. It looks better lighted up at night though. That's a huge place for a parking garage.

Definitely money on top of money !!
Keep on steemit !!

Money on top of money on top of a hot lady floating in a pool sounds good too!

And for the ladies!

I don't know if the parking garages I visited in Santa Monica are that tall but I remember parking on a level 26 one and they have the car elevators there as well.

What kind of Ponzi empire have you created :P

Damn, there must be a reason they couldn't have enough underground parking there? Also, I feel bad for anyone having to drive up to the top of that thing with no elevator. I used to hate driving 6 levels down at my condo.

With no afterlife in your mind you are in the moment, every moment. Very deep brother. I believe in the afterlife, but I can see how that makes every moment special because you only have so many. Much love brother!

I think the idea of living in the present moment doesn't invalidate thoughts of an afterlife. Both of these philosophies should be able to co-exist. Deep thinking today!

Yes, my brain hurts haha

Well at least we know it's working! haha

Only reminder I get haha

First! Im in this early ya'll

HAHAHA,,,,,,,,,,,WHOOPS! #PrisonRants4Real LOL!

nice post. resteemed...

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nice post-

"I made a whole video responding to a comment that got taken out of context" lmfao, dude, I bet the dude who made that comment watched your whole entire video like "Craig..?...Craig...!...CRAIG!!!...What the fuck man, CRAIG!!!"

"Thighest I've been is the 15th floors, there's a ninetee..." Where'd you go craig?

Saw your video on youtube and followed you here. Good work buddy.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

so it's just a parking garage it's really huge...thanks for sharing upvoted and followed you @craig-grant

and resteem.

That is a crazy parking lot for sure. The whole area is kind of Blade Runner.

So is this money you lend to steemers in the chart or what? I'm new and looking into the income side of things a bit today. Looks like you are the right guy to ask :)

upvoted Craig

Everytime I read your posts, it's like poetry that I have to analyze and reread XD. Is that just me?

Still love it though! :D

Looks like a prison . . . f o r . . . cars

Lol, love some Juicy J.

Futures freedom has no boundaries

Money, Money and Money. I really like the @craig-grant money. He is self-centered yet he is doing great . This is a lesson for those who say self-centered is bad. If craig is doing it, I am sure everyone should too . @craig-grant is a fucking money making machine, period !

meizing bro

That pic of the interest paid is a nice thing to see I am sure. It's good to make money when you are doing other things or sleeping. It helps to build the coin purse.

living in this place is awesome!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice post - live now.. check out this video clip from Sam Harris... you would like it... live now!!!
He talks about living now, living for today.. and caring about what you think about.. try not to have regrets

keep it up !! you got the vibe

Beautiful city and location. I can feel you are really taking in your new setting and surroundings and just "flowing" with it. Love the way you observe and take in the surrounding views. Money and the decisions you have to make to make more money is just an awesome thing. Following , yet being my own entity and "flowing " with my own "gig." Also getting in shape, Craig. Keep it up.

Your vote is important to us. For which we thank you. And keep voting.

A very good video looks like a cruise ship at night. Looks beautiful when the lights are on at night.