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in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

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For BCC, it would be best served in their interest for them to get other developers to use their token on other platforms. There's no harm in cashing out. A lot of people forget to take profits once in a while.


Thanks again Craig for another great video. I am on this ride with you. Thanks for the advice of crypto and life in general. Life has been far less stressful since entering the crypto space, life is great. Thanks again.

A small video and 35 dollars. That is the power of Steemit. Keep it up @craig-grant

Bitcoin is flying!

We should cage it somehow ;D

Dear bro your post is big post

sir you are great. i upvote you plaese upvote me.
god bless you.


I saw this video yesterday and i'm agree with you improve yourself when you enjoy of yourself

Love listening to you talk about your ventures my friend. Do you have a vid on how you personally store your crypto's? If so, point me in the right direction? I'd love to see it. This is an area where I'm somewhat vague in although I get the off line cold storage. With that being said, I can't seem to wrap my head around how to store different coins of all sorts as, to my knowledge, their isn't a wallet that'll hold them all? Any thoughts are appreciated as you've been doing this a lot longer than most I've learned from. Most appreciated.

couldn't agree more

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It's very interesting what Bitcoin is doing right now - it's on a tear - AGAIN.... I'm hoping for a pull back to buy more.

Any ideas on that?? :) How's your crystal ball, mine's cloudy.

Hello Craig. I know what Bitcoin and freedom means, but I don't know what spiritual means? Thanks for the Bitconnect referral.. Upvote, Follow and following. Keep up the good works.

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full steem ahead!!

You are smart not to do public events. Stay free man!

Bitcoin is just soaring higher by the day.
Great one

excellent post craig, human beings are one form of beings

Exodus? I'll be checking that out.