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Remaining balance after daily cash out


VIDEO : $55,000 loan and and $7000 Euro cash

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true story bro!

Anyway, even with all these doubts I had and still have about Bitconnect being a ponzi scheme, I also invested some money in Bitconnect. Here is why and how I see it:

  1. The Bitconnect platform with all its features (iOS (!) & Android App and the Q-Wallet where you earn interest by staking after 15 days) is very professionally done!
  2. The platform is fairly new and started in December 2016. With all the afford they put into it, my bet is (and this is my opinion, I don't know for sure) they will last I while.
  3. The ROI for lending and it does not matter how much you really lend out, is easily 30% a month (based on my experience and interest paid only). If you hold a little to your Bitconnect you even participate of the price increase which increases the ROI much higher.
  4. Having said that and just sticking by the ROI of 30% my math before I have my money back is as follows:
    As an example we do a 1010 USD loan:
    Your receive around 1% (more or less) every single day + bonus of 0.1%.
    This means in one month you have roughly 300 USD back. In other word in a little more than 3 months (if not earlier depending on bonus level and price increase of Bitconnect) you have earned your investment!
    So it does not really matter, if your initial investement is vested for 239 days or longer.
  5. Here is the most important part: Be disciplined and pull your money out of Bitconnect at least once a week (this is how I am trying to reduce the risk)
  6. After probably 3 months you are risk-free because your pulled out your initial investment. Now is the time to think about reinvesting and playing the game.
    The longer Bitconnect survives the more money you can make.
  7. Warning: NOBODY knows if Bitconnect will survive long enough before you have your initial investment back.
    But by pulling out the interest continously you reduce your risk within the first 3 month.
    That is my point of view and risk management. If your like my take on it and you want to give it a try knowing about all the risks, I would be happy if you use my referal code when signing up at Bitconnect:
    Looking forward to your comments.

Nice Post and Congrats to Investing! :)
The way I see it though, is that the only way bitconnect could go down is if Bitcoin goes down.
Since that is the Means offering the Service in first place. I find Bitconnect having an Own
Blockchain the strongest Bonus, as this makes it Decentralized and We as People give the Blockchain
Value because of using it! In my Opinion this is going to be a very big one!

Top flight Steemian in the world Craig!!!!!


Hey man you can show your appreciation by nominating him by following this link all you have to do is tag @craig-grant I already voted for him, so you have vote for him as well

Craig lives in perpetual beast mode! Crypto for days...


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Dammmnnn Craig setting the bar high!!

Very impressive results!

Hold, cash out and pay ya damn taxes on that free money!

cool video

So happy for your success... Keep it rocking!

you adopted my new song for you ;) nice
I can only sing "I upvote every day" ..
very smart to do that cashout by the way.

Great pics bro, its good for people to actually see what the hustle creates!

...bag o cash supposed to get us all hot n bothered? :-)



All part of the flow :D

Congrats mate, geat work.
Looking forward to great results as well :)

Super Epic!!
BitConnect is were it's at!! :)

This is crazy! I love the times we are living in right now. We are truly part of something special.

Niiice! Taking profits.

Also you should check out the minnow support! It's here to help us small guys grow!!

Doing good!

Best day is PaYDAY, amazing !!!

Great Man!

wow.. great man

I think it is insane having all this money coming in. In this post you are not even considering steemit, Genesis etc. I have to say I Did get in to both Genesis and Bitconnect because of your movies, but i have a long way to go to catch up with you!

Those results are amazing! Can't wait to do more Bitconnect. Shortly.

Hi @craig-grant, what do you think from my article? That Bitcoin isn't a bubble. I read all the time in mainstream media that its a bubble thats gonna pop. But I think it isn't. Thanks mate. Upvoted!


Its called fake news for a reason

clever guy! i love it!!
here I give you my Upvote! :)

Nice work!