World Wealth Report 2018: Young Millionaires Interested in Investing in Cryptocurrencies

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From Cointelegraph

In its World Wealth Report 2018, consulting firm Capgemini identified a marked growth of interest in cryptocurrencies among rich investors, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported yesterday, June 19.

For the report, Capgemini interviewed high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and asset managers around the world about their interest in cryptocurrencies. According to the report, nearly a third (29 percent) of the surveyed millionaires expressed a high interest and more than a quarter (almost 27 percent) a general interest.

The potential of cryptocurrencies to generate investment returns and store value is a driving interest among HNWIs. More than 70 percent of respondents aged 40 and under attach great importance to having their primary asset managers provide cryptocurrency information, compared with just 13 percent of over-60s.

So far, however, asset managers are still cautious about cryptocurrency and are reluctant to broach the subject with clients. A third (about 35 percent) of HNWI worldwide say they have received information about crypto from their asset managers.

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I'd rather we have old institutional money flowing into crypto than young risk takers. I think we've pretty much saturated that crowd already. The next level for bitcoin and crypto in general will need to come from institutional investment. Have no fear though as 2018 lays down the law and sets up regulatory frameworks around the world institutional money will follow.

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We will certainly find out a lot of things in 2018; what corrections are made in the market is one that I find interesting. The old regime money is beneficial but when they invest without knowing at least some of the intricacies then there are going to be many mistakes made, I know it’s been difficult for me so far to get good information versus people puffing their own interests.

  ·  last year (edited)

Lets' just hope Ned's decision to power down a full 1/10th of the outstanding SBDs doesn't hurt OUR chances to be bid up by buying from young millionaires just getting into cryptos.

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