🤑 Bitcoin Whale Accumulation Is In Full Swing!!! 🚀

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Hello Steemians i hope you are all well.
Today I want to share with you the latest video by Crypto Daily. In this video he presents some of the latest news and developments on bitcoin and altcoins. The presentation includes detailed information on the accumulation of nearly half a million bitcoin in the last nine months by institutional investors and "firms." Retail size wallets have also seen a large increase of 126,000 bitcoin in the same period. And more than 300,000 bitcoin have left major addresses, including exchanges, since the beginning of 2018. The amount of bitcoin left on exchanges is now only 16% and declining rapidly.

Obviously this is bullish news, but Crypto Daily also outlines the possible scenario for bitcoin to retrace to the $3,400 level around October 9th.

Also in this video, Crypto Daily presents the latest news on some altcoins which are close to or already outperforming bitcoin. Which includes some big news about an upcoming announcement by EOS on June 1st. Bitcoin SV gets a mention for being up well over 200% this month alone. And finally Crypto Daily presents the latest news on IOTA, which has just announced that they are launching a network upgrade known as Coordicide, which removes the centralised network processor. This is the coin that had the all time highest returns of any coin in 2017. Which gave early investors a return of 614.933.98% (six hundred and fourteen thousand percent!)

For more detailed information and to appreciate Crypto Daily's humour, watch the video!

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Source - Crypto Daily (YT channel)


Will be interesting to see how fast Bitcoin hits $20,000 and beyond.

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Interesting indeed.
A lot of peeps will get fomo and start buying when we hit $20,000!

It’s horrifying even to imagine what kind of FOMO we’ll get once the Bitcoin passes the $20,000 psychological mark!...

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