“Bitcoin Cash Is Superior To Segwit2x” Bitcoin Core Developer

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Gregory Maxwell, a Bitcoin Core developer, and Blockstream’s CTO, publicly stated on Reddit that the alternative to Bitcoin born on August 1st, Bitcoin Cash is superior to segwit2x.

“Bcash at least has replay protection and HF safe headers now (though it didn’t until it hit its difficulty adjustment rule). It is superior to S2X. It also doesn’t seek to force itself on anyone who doesn’t want it,” Maxwell said in the thread.

Bcash was created based on an agreement by a majority of miners and many prominent Bitcoin businesses by implementing both segregated witnesses (segwit) and a user activated hardfork that increased block size.

Despite SegWit locking in yesterday, there is wide spread controversy about the hard fork of Segwit2x Trust Nodes reported.

“While some Bitcoin Core developers, especially Blockstream employees, clearly do not like the hard fork part of segwit2x and are now more publicly coming out against it, presumably to persuade the rest of the network to not support it.

They, therefore, are seemingly preparing for another split between Bitcoin Core and segwit2x with the project soon to lock out segwit2x node clients,” Trust Nodes wrote.

The report further goes on to state that because of this opposition “Bitcoin Core BTC might split by itself and create a new coin with its own miners, nodes, and its own blockchain.”

That would mean there would be a BTC, Bcash and whatever the new coin would be called.

It’s very interesting to see a Bitcoin Core developer state that BTC is essentially inferior to its newly split counter part Bcash which is supposed to fix most of the problems developers have with the current legacy BTC.

Could we witness a market reversal with BTC dropping in value as Bcash shoots up in value if SegWit2x fails? What do you think?

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As I learned yesterday, lazy and/or stupid people rule the world. BCC/BCH is superior to BTC but people do not want to take make some effort to switch. Switching also means you have to do a transaction in which you loose a small amount of money.
For everybody who wants to giveaway their BCC/BCH:

The best is to wait what is going to happen in November with the hard fork.

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