CVC....KABOOM! Up 78% !!!!! What a call!!!!steemCreated with Sketch.

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

I had posted the below CVC analysis, per request, with a powerful cup and handle pattern......and kaboom! Up it went.


The cup and handle not as visible as first chart because the blow upwards is huge and scewing the graph!

What's next?

I hope you were able to profit from this call because that's what it's all about! Making money and making friends!

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It's about time; Civic is a great product with a great team


Yep! And I expect this is not the end of the rise!

Excellent post !! Very Good


Thanks kindly for the read. Please resteem!

plz feel free to post your charts in my channel:


Nice post,...what for /?
Please folllow

hey bro nice post, is great CVC is pump?

That's amazing @haejin. Thats some great analogy. You made some great profit. Upvoted and following you now.

Sweet trade, please take a look at Mystereum, Decred, Amp & Pot - I looked at them last night, I think they could be hot.

Nice call! I have a philosophical problem with the whole use token investment, but interesting to see and civic is led by vinnay who is pretty credible