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in bitcoin •  last year

It has been quite the wild ride on the Bitcoin rollercoaster over the past few weeks, I had warned about an impending correction, however as we found out the danger zone became a magnet, once we returned we fell right through the floor!


Check out my last post here to see the danger zone:

We had a big dip, however we ended up bouncing off a really big support level with targets all the way up to $6000!


If you examine "The Big Picture" above, you can see we bounced off a very large 50% fibonacci level. Because of this I was able to use another fibonacci tool to calculate the actual price target for this move. If you check out the image below you can see that the current price target for bitcoin is all the way up at $6000 at the 23.6% line!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 6.53.00 PM.png

This is very exciting news because I stocked up a bit on the dip as usual! I purchased more Bitcoin on Bitstamp, and, and also managed to rearrange some more Bitcoin into the stock portfolio! I ended up taking profits on the Gold and Oil and traded it in for more Bitcoin!



Today was a good day for Bitcoin on the Stock Market!

Today we saw the bounce, and GBTC is coming back quite nicely! I added more so it brought my cost basis up a bit, however I have the time to wait this thing out! All I have is time! Here is how the portfolios are doing as of today.



Bitcoin is Back!

It has been a wild few weeks but the price of Bitcoin has prevailed once again! Bitcoin $6000 here we come!

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bitcoin continues to soar, but for the steem is like running water, and continue to flow to the lower place


Yesss...i ilje

Wow I didn't hear from you in last couple of day! Again you brought an amazing update of BTC analysis! Thanks for sharing such wonderful report with us!



The surf has been up, you have heard from me, just from my other blog @honusurf! I have been really busy video editing, bodyboarding, what I do while I am waiting for the profits to roll in!

friend, my friend is planning to hire a SP delegate, can help us to look for cost under 150 steem for 1 month

a great target @coininstant, very brave to stick to that price.


big target, big profit @khairulmuammar


big profits, have a big risk too



Great update.

For your post propagation.

@coininstant - oh my goodness a perfect BitCoin analysis report Sir. You are a expert in this domain isn't it. Love your work Sir. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Congratulations @coininstant
MinnowsPower listed your post "BITCOIN $6000 PRICE TARGET!" as one of the top 10 upvoted and commented posts of the day...!!!
One of the best BTC analysis report you shared.
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Thanks for a new update, as you could imagine we are full on the cryptos, and the BTC is the mother, so good to have an eye on them :-) , I hope you didn't miss the opportunities to buy some other coins. Many did go up when the btc went down.

After all the FUD and fuss talk's look's like it is going back on track showed some quite significant growth BTW great analysis once again very useful.

Thanks for great update. great graphic chart. @coininstant

are you very confident to the price @coininstant


yes .......... @filzaart maybe he is very sure bitcoin will break through to that price.


oyes... thank you for information @khairulmuammar


oke thanks again @filzaart




For Sure! I am pretty confident, more than usual!


it is the incredible mentality of the soul of a true trader.

amigo #resteemia at your service

impressive analysis report. excellent work @coininstant

'UpVoted ReSteemed Commented'

This price is reached soon its highest price.

Good news.the future is power up to BTC 6000 price
100% like and resteem

We congratulate you. You have earned good earnings from The time to come is with you.

i hope so, in the end it will go much higher :)

No wonder it will go up once again and the as usual the King is Back with Roar :)

$6k sounds Great enough ;)

Thanks you 4 this outstanding information!

Thanks for the information sir.

I saw a few days ago bitcoin prices had weakened, in the last few days the price of cryptocurrency had decreased in all currencies crypto, including the price of steem is also very weak.


does it have the effect of bitcoin, with will the lid of BTCC china?


Sure there will be an effect, you are seeing the turbulence now. It will add more volatility, however it adds our fuel from all the shorts trying to put the lid! Good point!


for that I do not understand, maybe, yes. because maybe buyers in BTCC china will sell all their BTCC, following china government banned BTCC in their country. that's what I heard.


I heard they are just moving to Japan. One door closes, another will open!


o so they move to japan, china does not want other country product forward, they always want to advance their own product. :-)


Yup, buy weak hands!


yes....sir @coininstant hopefully the price breaks $ 6000
my friends ask me, about how much bitcoin you buy sir. actually how much bitcoin do you buy sir?



Thank for sharing @coininstant, i like it.

Bitcoin will skyrocket again and again i think it will reach 7k very soon

Great analasys. Tnx for that.
I do however believe it wil take some time to reach 6k. Alot of people inputed alot of there cash in buying up the china crash and they are gonna sell soon.

Hei friend, how are you

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Good analysis and great share on steemit. I really enjoyed this one. Agree with your view of the future.

good morning friend

sir you are great you always help me by giving information and by your vote i am really thank full to you

excellent analysis......can expect bitcoin to 6000 mark by the end of 2017m probably in December, would love to know ur views...

thanks ...and have a great day...

I ended up put many of my alternative coins back into BTC. Looking forward to BTC hitting 5k and above! :)

Long live the BTC!


Good luck with your trading!

Enjoy, another kind of art!

Enjoy your day!

too many people lost their money when bitcoinrate going down 4870 to 4000 i know one person trevon jab he bought 24 bitcoin and bitcion rate down