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We have had some monumental moves in the Bitcoin market over the past year, time for a healthy correction!

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 7.44.33 PM.png

The image above shows a sell off top!

These moves usually start with a big blow off top bearish engulfing candle. Once we do recognize this pattern in the market, the next step is to use trading analysis tools to project future probable price levels.

I like to use the free fibonacci retracement tool on

Below is a chart from Bitcoin Wisdom, I have color coded the buy zones according to risk. The dip is nearing the "Caution Zone" What we want to do is watch for a bounce in the green " Buy" Zone before we pull the trigger! Remember there could be a large "Front Run" all the way up into the yellow zone if there are more buyers than sellers down in the green zone. $3600-$3800 is the area which I am most interested in for picking up some more Bitcoin!


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@coininstant - Very useful analysis Sir. I'll follow your guidelines & set buy at $3400 - $3600 support level. Love your work Sir. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Yeah BTC is at a market correction and I hope it will rise up again. According to your analysis if it hit the danger zone I thin it might show a up trend in very soon.
Great analysis and thank you very much for sharing such great tips with us!
Really appreciate your effort!


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'$3600-$3800 is the area which I am most interested in for picking up some more Bitcoin!' perfect, i'll enter the market at that zone. nice tips @coininstant

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Bitcoin top market.

I believe we passed from the danger zone so we are safe for the moment.

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The biggest secret that traders don’t want the world to know is that anyone with a more or less sane disposition can do what they’re doing. The trick is getting access to the trough, to the P&L, to the “book.” The road toward it is tough, treacherous and crowded. On the way there, you will be misled into believing that in order to be a trader you must have a physics PhD, or know how to write code and build models, or have a top-school MBA, or, when all else fails, just be a young Caucasian male. But in the end, it doesn’t matter who made it to the top. In the end, it all comes down to merely placing a bet.

You have posted a beautiful of Bitcoin. I am also buying BitCoin. I have also done a lot of profits. you have a nice day.

Now the price of bitcoin is so much fluctuating. Hope it will stable and go high.

thanks a lot @coininstant for upvote my site. but sorry, i don't have a lot steem power to support all of yours


Your welcome, your votes and comments mean a lot! Thank you!


yeah, nice to meet you

thanks for sharing @coininstant .. i was followed you since last tow weeks

looks like buy time is here ???


Yeah, I think so too!

So buy now or be sorry later :D

very useful information @coininstant, thanks for sharing

and it was time to buy indeed!

Thank for sharing @coininstant, This is very important information for those of us who are newbe to Steemit

very useful information @coininstant, thanks for sharing

please hold your amount in bitcoin because in future it cross the $10000 or touches to the sky..............

as one the best trader like you
i am satisfied to say we are out of the danger zone for quite some time :)
Supposedly Buy should be kind of safe

good article @coininstant

thank for sharing

thanks for your analysis my friend @coininstant .. i love your article ..

Thx for this post.. love your support to the community.. hope you want to check out some posts from me or maybe enter my contest

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BTC is going higher and higher like a rocket.

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We Again Think of a Better Tomorrow!
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informative post

I'll follow your guidelines & set buy at $3900 - $4500 support level.

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