or an elliot wave #4 correction? 😏

You can find out the percentage of cryptocurrency rise or fall, price refresh rate according to your settings: daily or each hour.

Mammon allows to calculate the total sum of your earnings per each cryptocurrency or all of them together. This platform differs from the others, as here you can set a target price for cryptocurrencies you want and get the notification if any of them reaches the threshold.

You can download Mammon at the official site -

If your chosen cryptocurrency exchange does not have a mobile trading application (like Bittrex or Poloniex), Ztrader allows Windows and Mac users to connect via the API and execute transactions.

Delta is a great application for serious cryptocurrency trading. It creates a pie chart of a cryptocurrency portfolio and provides the calculation of such parameters as realized and unrealized profits, as well as reports on tax returns. You pay taxes, right? Of course yes. To use all the features of Delta you need a subscription. The service is provided by a great app for Windows and Mac.

You can download Delta at the official site

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