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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Bull Flag Fractals Everywhere!!

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@haejin would you mind doing a post on GRATITUDE (GRAT)? Just kidding about the ticker, it's not a coin, yet... Despite making massive profits the past few months, I'm still finding a way to choose greed over gratitude in many situations, constantly beating myself up for not having put more into a coin, for example. I would love to know what your self-talk is throughout this process and how we all might be able to benefit from it. Thank you, I love what you are doing here.


loving this question! I would like to invest in GRAT also, LOL.
@cascad1an I believe you are on the right track just in the asking ... :)

Yes learning to be grateful even when i miss out! Blessings and much love😇

I wonder ho much greed you'll be feeling if those who control the mining pools of BTC decide to put all those profits to work in the futures market and short the shit out of it! Only to then, buy it all back when every retail investor pukes and sells into the mother of all down trends.

Perhaps the gratitude you'll feel then is to be grateful you didn't lose you're shirt, just your unrealized gains.

Be careful out there. These are dangerous times for crypto, especially BTC.

@haejin @Cascad1an I'm am making profit at the moment but i feel like im always chasing a new coin or reading an article a day too late. Definitely can related to your comment @cascad1an

That's because coin gurus rarely post about coins when the situation is unclear, just compare the last fifty posts or so... whenever the situation is indecisive, not a word... except for bitcoin itself when the situation is really confusing. However when something looks as if it might explode, or does, "as I told you before, kaboom!" This isn't haejin's invention, it's what they all do and it's human nature. I can't tell you anything I'm not at least pretty sure about, can I ? So it seems essential that we all learn how to at least marginally read the market ourselves. Haejin keeps saying that and he's right.

Yeah of course i do my own due diligence, but its true that there are so many coins out that it is impossible to have a handle on all of them. So you do tend to follow leads where you can.
My comment was more related to the feeling of "beating myself up for not putting more on a coin" from @cascad1an 's post.
Thanks for the insight :)

@cascad1an a very good question!
I will be waiting for an answer too :)

Review @haejin'sTrading Nuggets post that is linked at the end of each blog entry.

Please review tutorials on laddering and buy/sell setups. It is genius, and will solve your problem, as it did mine.

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