Is BIP91 going to activate SegWit before the UASF?! Looks like it.

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If you having been following the Bitcoin scaling debate, here is a great site too see the latest numbers: 

BIP91 is getting close to the 80% threshold (and will need to stay there for 2 days) to activate SegWit. If it doesn't get there by the end of the month, the UASF will activate Segwit Aug 1. 

Get your popcorn out and watch the volatile Bitcoin (and Steem) roller coaster ride continue.  


In the last 5 minutes from posting it has gone from 59.1% to 59.8%. This is happening!

60.4% now :)

61.8% now - very promising trend!


66%... soon :)

Won't move from 63.9%...



does BIP 91 mean Segwit gets activated or Segwit 2x ?

That is a more difficult question to answer. BIP91 means SegWit will get activated shortly and whether or not SegWit2x activates or not is a question someone more technically minded will need to answer. If it does happen it will be about 3 months after SegWit does I believe.

In my opinion Segwit 2x would be the best solution , so this is positive news for me I guess :)

Fair enough; one would say a contrarian view to most users, but on par with most big Bitcoin businesses.

I think Segwit 2x is a good compromise... everyone gets what he wants and nobody loses his face... not sure about all the FUD lately about it...

Let's see, like I said on Twitter, this month will go down in Bitcoin history as everyone going:

SegWit2x might be the cause for more centralization in Bitcoin. The Blockchainsize will increase with a whole new velocity. The Miner get more powerful.

Yeah plus a HF to the code that technical people have been looking at and laughing at

I am running a fullnode in consequence, signaling for BIP148. just raising my opinion about it. let´s see. Everyone can do it!

That is awesome! I think every that can should run the node an signal for it!

I mainly want it because of lightning network , but I m really not a expert on that topic , I ll accept what ever happens. Something has to change for sure .

Don't need SegWit2x for lightening network!

About 11 hours away from locking in :D

Hi @btcmillionaire I've written an article about you, check it out if you can.

22 Best Steemit Bloggers Of The Week To Follow July 2017

Thanks - I upvoted it :)

Yep, just posted about it. The way things are going we'll see a lock in before July 23.

Sorry didn't see your post - send me a link!

Found it and upvoted it! Great minds think alike.

BIP 91 81.9%

Everyone is alright!

what let me check that out.


happy times.

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