Brobot is here. Why should you care?

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Brobot is here. Why should you care?

As much as naysayers would like to argue against the facts, the human race is surfing the highest waves of Gartner’s hype cycle. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and chatbots are the highlights of the year to date. 2017 alone has seen an increase from USD $18 billion to USD $300 billion market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.

To put this into perspective, crypto markets exceed the market cap of global giants such as VISA, Bank of America, or Shell.

Take that, add all the crazy blockchain applications that are adopted by an ever-growing number of industries (financial, medical, security, defence, energy, etc), stir, mix it with all the smart chatbots that are reshaping B2C services and products and.. we will have achieved more at the end of this year than in many of the previous decades combined.

We are witnessing a revolution and here at Brobot, we are very proud to be pioneering this industry, together with you.
Let’s recap! What is Brobot? check out our video!

Introducing Brobot! Brobot was born in response to a nerve-wrecking problem: How can you overcome the hurdles associated with managing your portfolio, with getting the right market information about your preferred coins, the most reliable news, while finding the right people to consult with?![usp.png]

In short, what is the best way to minimize your efforts and to maximize efficiency when trading cryptocurrencies and monitoring your investments?

With ambitions to become the killer-app of the industry, Brobot is working on bringing you an integrated and complete set of personalized solutions, all in one place.
So, how do we stand out?


A. Our MVP already benefits from three awesome features (available on Slack, Telegram and Facebook Messenger) and a comprehensive list of planned or in progress others. In case you’ve missed them, here they are!

The core function is represented by a smart chatbot that serves as environment for performing a high range of trading-related tasks, including monitoring your portfolio, receiving market reports or signals and/or buying or selling. The second function is that of a market signal stream, based on the contents of your wallet. Lastly, Brobot supplies you with news related to your preferred coins and/or the type of coins you possess.

B. Unique Selling Points
Brobot is both a data-driven and community-driven product that aims at becoming instrumental to any trader’s experience. And five main points define its uniqueness:


Fast Updates

Brobot enables you to receive real-time notifications according to the contents of your wallet(s), be it news, performance reports or market signals. Get instant replies to any inquiry you may have. Stay ahead of the crowd!


Be the master of the data streams you receive. Customize every interaction with Brobot in terms of content, frequency or platform. Our advice will always be personal!


We understand the value of your time! You no longer need to deal with tiresome UIs, bothersome iterations or unreliable news sources. Trade conveniently on one of your preferred messaging platforms!

Complete Solution

Trading is by nature an all-in engagement. And this is why it has become our quest to provide you with a complete set of tools to facilitate your experience. Get all the necessary trading resources at hand!


Do you think you can do more with the capabilities of Brobot? Our APIs allow you to build your own custom tools, up to your preferences. It has never been easier to make the most out of your data streams.

C. Differentiation Points

a. The product — In its current state, Brobot is already proving its capacities in an industry that is acutely lacking a tool that integrates all the necessary features for a convenient and personal trading experience. The first of its kind, Brobot has the potential to become the must-have for all beginner and expert traders alike.

We are proud to say that we have been and will still be listening to the valuable feedback in the community. This way, it has become our quest to deliver a safe, custom and efficient alternative based on your needs.
Have you already tried it out? Create a free account at or try our chatbot right away on:

b. The crowdsale— In order to support our growth ambitions, a crowdsale (or ICO) lies ahead of us. When? We will get more clarity about it very soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we are working hard on the final details of a fully functional and rich in features product.

Unlike many ICOs conducted on hopes and promises, Brobot already provides a working prototype that has been receiving a lot of enthusiasm and positive feedback. With your help, we will be able to scale up and fundamentally better the product.

We welcome any questions, feedback or comments you may have!

And, if you liked our product, do not hesitate to share the love!

The team :)

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