Upcoming Fork: Bitcoin God in around 24 Hours

in bitcoin •  last year

This is not a joke: some developers are forking Bitcoin into Bitcoin GOD. Bitcoin God is meant to have Proof of Stake, Large block size AND zero knowledge proofs. Ofcourse, these features will take a while to develop. We know that Ethereum wanted to implement zero knowledge proof - but it is almost take 1-2 years to implement.

When is the Fork :

  • To be forked at block height 501225
  • This is meant to be as close to Dec 25th as possible
  • Current block is 501067, which means we're around 24 hours away from the fork.

When can I get Bitcoin God:

  • Some exchanges will give futures for bitcoin god at the time of the fork.
  • Futures are tradable within the exchange only - you can deposit / withdraw ONLY after the mainnet deployment
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Bitcoin forks aren't even annoying anymore... just useless.


All the Bitcoin forks should spoon together.

We should start a betting pool on how many BTC forks will happen in 2018. Everyone pays 0.01 BTC who wants in, and then you choose a number representing how many BTC forks you think will happen by Dec 31, 2018. On January 1, 2019 the pot gets distributed equally among everyone that chose the right number.

I'll take 3,624.



probably like 3 per month?


Realistically, it will probably be dramatically affected by how the Lightning implementation goes and what the BTC network is like after that. If the congestion and fees aren't dramatically improved, then there will be incentive to create more forks than if Lightning is a huge success.


I think there will be more who will try to bring their versions of the fork by first quarter of 2018 and the trend should fade away by the end of the year.

My Guess for 2018:

Q1 - Average 3 forks per month
Q2 - Average 4 forks per month
Q3 - Average 2 forks per month
Q4 - Average 1 fork per month

Ofcourse I currently do not have any rationale behind my prediction (much like the forks happening). Just a hunch :)

Do you think the fundamentals of the coin are interesting?

when people rush a release without having a finished product, they're either software developers on a tight release schedule, or they are potentially bad news.

Thanks for the heads up.

Lol, thats funny!

Thanks for keeping everyone updated :)

how many folks do we need, after bitcoin gold crush are we ready for another folk and will it work this time or we are getting another shit coin? time will tell


apparently now that all these stupid forks are successful, developers are just forking left right and center.

good if they can implement that, in the meantime free coin for bitcoin holders, all the more reason to keep holding bitcoins and enjoy the fork profits.

Why own bitcoin when you can fork it?

hmm cant bee true right?

Nice post.

If you invested in Crypto on 01.01.2017 you are sitting on 3,000% gain
If you listened to Krugman and Dimon you are sitting on a big fat 1%
Wishes for 2018: Do you own research .. Connect your own dots !

The name presupposes that it is a deity. I will forever stay away from it

I love Bitcoin and wish that it will be the ultimate coin and will increase it price by hour..

I hate its name given to it. It does not show maturity. Business needs seriousness.

Dirty forkers!

So will we get bitcoin god for holding bitcoin like BCH?


yeah if you hold bitcoin, you will get bitcoin god. Just it will take a while before the mainnet is deployed and it can be claimed.

Can I get your permission to resteem this post @boxmining



I have a real internal conflict with this forks, on one hand I want Trezor to support all of them so I can grab some bitcoin as soon as they are available... in the other hand I know this doesn't make sense and it undermines the cryptocurrency space... ooooh I understand Darth Vader and Kylo Ren now...