Happy New Year : 2018 Year of Crypto

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Take a deep breath guys - we are about to enter 2018!! What are the coins to watch out this year and concepts that will matter?

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hodl hodl!!!! happy new year


I hope these shit-coin sellers keep convincing the weak people not to buy Bitcoin. I LOVE BARGAINS and I hate spineless people!



you think? Even with Nasdaq futures looming?


The fact everything in life is dangerous, it just depends on how you look at it. Bitcoin will countinue to rise at least for a the next decade. I actually talked a little about this on my new post. You can read it here at https://steemit.com/philosophy/@rajesh-fashek/absurdism-and-cryptocurrency-how-do-they-connect if you want.

IMHO all those BTC, LTC ETH EOS (and maybe a few more) are no-brainers.

What sits tough in my bag are also STEEM, BLOCK, SYS and ZCOIN

I consider myself a long-term hodler. (& Not a daytrader by any means)

HODL, not toggle !

2018 is steem's year! Internet is going to be monetized and changed forever. No more pesky ads!

thank you for always providing a informative content

Great sum up of the year, always a pleasure to watch your videos! Thanks for all the educational content you put out, what you do is truly inspiring and helpful! Happy New Year and here's to an even brighter 2018 🥂

May 2018 be a Cryptophilic Year :)

Just great summarizing of important crypto info... All the best in 2018. :)

4 things that are guaranteed (unfortunately)

  1. death

  2. taxes

  3. hillary never goes to jail

  4. no-one will ever fully understand crypto

2018 is gonna be big for:
0x, Nav coin, Salt, VTC, XRP and TenX


You forgot Verge and Burst?? :)

Very interesting year ahead...good job Boxmining

Awesome point about about units.:) Most people who are new in crypto are taken aback when they see the 5 digit coin. Millibitcoin sounds enticing too. 😎

Steem is going to big in 2018

EOS, the coin of 2018.


By EOS and HODL, watch it grow!!!


Happy New Year to you, thanks for keeping us updated with all the crypto updates. It's been valuable information and appreciated...keep up the good work and lets see what 2018 will bring us :))

Next to price increases it will be interesting to see what crypto currency will have the strongest uptrend in terms of adoption / transactions in 2018. ETH has exploded over the past couple of months, cryptos like DASH or XMR are basically non existent:


Nice post keep posting
Happy new year

Nice fantastic post Happy 2018 Contribution comment#

Boxmining is THE MAN! Michael, you're a permanent fixture in the crypto-world, just as Andreas Antonopoulos, and Jimmy Song are. That's some mighty fine company!

Thanks for your post, and your work in the crypto pace.


great video thanks for sharing! wish you all a happy new year, much success and many lambos!

you follow and vote...thanks.. nice post :)

Hi ,
Thanks for the great content

happy new year. Welcome to the crypto year 2018

2018 is the year of cryptos! we hope that bitcoin remains the grandfather of all the cryptos
Happy new year!

wish you a happy new year. all the ones who up vote it their wealth may become 10x

Happy year bro @yeminthu

Xem, like ,omg and some other mid caps will kill it this year!
I hope the market crashes a few more times this year though😂
Should help me buy more stuff for cheap!

Good to watch this video. thank you so much:)
Happy New Year!

Happy new year bos good job 👍

thanks for the video. Do you think there may be a dark horse of a coin that no one is talking about, hence myspace and facebook comparison, that pops out of the woodwork?

This is such a great very much needed video. Thank u for putting your time in effort into creating useful content for us to learn from. Keep the vids coming bruh!

I think another coin that should be gaining interest is XEM. Its value has risen in the past week from like $.20 to $1.00 USD. And that is a big rise.

So I looked into it and XEM is a coin representing the NEM Distributed Ledge Blockchain. I think its revolutionary and can provide a better use of blockchain for everything and not just coins. Please take a look at my blog about it and share with me your thoughts. Please follow me if interested.


You have been voted up! Happy New Year!

Nice review. 2018 will be an interesting year. Lots of great projects out there. You are right, there doesn't have to be just one winner. I believe there will be plenty of losers as time goes on (most businesses do fail), but some will last the test of time. Which ones? As you mentioned, I believe it will be the ones who are able to scale. Bitcoin really needs to get the Lightning Network up and running. Right now, the Bitcoin haters are using the transaction fees and speed to sabotage Bitcoin. It is their talking point. Honestly, if Bitcoin can properly execute the Lightning Network (making fees less and speeds faster) and prove it can scale, I believe the price will skyrocket. Of course, by then, there might be another coin in town making its way to the top. Who knows. Should be interesting. Anyways, I have watched Boxmining's videos on YouTube - great stuff!

Here’s to 2018. May it be kinder to us, and I pray for a good health, good fortune and good luck.
Happy New Year 2018 Steemians!

Happy new year @boxmining one of the must informative channels on here!

Awesome amount of blogs. Ive began my journey in Crypto currencies too and now looking for a mentor.

Would you help me out please?

Definitely I will subscibe.

Bitcoin is going to crash in 2018

My brother showed me this site that has predictions for each month on Bitcoin. I think it updates daily but I was trying to figure out the algorithm they were using. https://longforecast.com/bitcoin-price-predictions-2017-2018-2019-btc-to-usd

Great resources to bookmark. Thanks for your post. But before directly jumps in crypto please read pros and cons of crypto currencies:

Great video! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Happy new year my friend... Bitcoin is the great coin.... thanks for sharing this post...



I want to earn BTC but i have no idea , please do you give me some idea???

hard to understand the concept sir!!!

I really like Fun Fair token and I think it will go to the moon in 2018!

happy new year 2018, good post

Wow a great subject that has told me a lot thank you
Happy new year @boxmining

That is a mi!!ion dollar question. Which are the coins to really watch out for? Will bitcoin keep soaring like an eagle? What are the chances for the minor Cryptos of this world in 2018?

Love these videos. Keep em coming in 2018!

Happy new year

Happy New Year, Boxming. Have learned a lot from you, keep up with the good work!

Thank u for putting your time in effort into creating useful content for us to learn from.

2018 will definitely a Cryptocurrency year! They will raise and raise! Bitcoin will beark the 50.000 and for sure Steem will raise and raaaaiseee too! I am excited what will happen!!!

Happy new year boxmining keep doing your thing!

Have a happy New year everyone!

@boxmining The year is already on a great start :)

the year crypto goes fully mainstream and I belong to the new 1%

Another good opportunity that you guys might wanna check out is salt.Just did a write up on it and why i think its good.Cheers!


If you are interested, which altcoin has gained the most in 2017, I invite you to: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptorep/which-cryptocurrency-has-the-largest-increase-in-value-in-2017

hodl... happy new year ;)