Daily: Visa Debit Card tokens Rally, Russian Miners to get spare energy

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Boxmining Daily Aug 29th:
1:00 Market Recap
2:00 Crypto Visa Debit Cards
4:25 Uber Picked Bitcoin-Friendly CEO – Bitcoin News
6:02 Bitcoin Miners in Russia ‘In Talks’ To Get Spare Energy From Energy Firms
7:15 China Spotlight: ICO Flood
Upcoming: Privacy Coins, 0x, Enjin CTO interview, Binance CEO interview
8:59 Upgrade Time

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Crypto mining will be similar to Gold strategic reserves in the near future. Whoever controls it, controls the financial world. Thanks for the informational video! https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@cryptoeagle/crypto-is-siphoning-off-gold-s-market-cap-bitcoin-could-increase-50x-in-price-by-stealing-gold-s-thunder

uber announcement will come soon

Thank you very much. I just recently heard that Costa Rica might have its first Bitcoin ATM in September I hope that this is true. Thanks for this daily update very useful. @OriginalWorks

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Thank You Michael @boxmining I really enjoy your daily Crypto Content and UP dates on what is going on in the Crypto world.......Have a Wonderful Day and STEEM ON !!

Would be nice to know which sources do you use. To learn from that. :)

Ah and what do you think about the https://atbcoin.com?

Always enjoy watching your videos. It would be amazing if blockchain and bitcoin/altcoins (litecoin maybe) made its way into UBER.

I love the idea of Cards for cryptos!

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