Daily: Total Market Bleedout / ICO Scams

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Crypto markets continue a nose dive, with many trying to search for answers when there might be none.
0:52 Market Analysis
3:10 Last Year’s Market Trends don’t apply this year
5:12 Ledger FUD
6:08 10% of $3.7 Billion in ICO Funds Lost or Stolen: Ernst & Young Report

Ledger FUD: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7scwsw/just_so_you_guys_know_there_has_been_a_flood_of/

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that's an Interesting assessment!

good job mikle

time will tell

Well God give us strength. patience and prevent us from selling cryptos during this tough time. Guys hang in there. It is a long, bumpy ride.

Well Micheal I can say that I got screwed out of 1 ETH by a WanChain fake ICO. At least it was only 1. This occured during the Wanchain ICO period but there was a link embedded on top of their ICO page. Like a fool I did not check Alexa on the very last page, which is where I got the address from. I did not do my due diligence and therefore I am 1 eth less than I was last year... :( Thank the gods for my miners still plugging away making more. I hope to see a rebound by summer but I would not be suprised to see an extended down turn in the markets at least through spring. Anyway great post as always.

I wonder why the Ledger guys turned down an interview??? Disturbing.

The Last Sage


No idea! They said they weren't doing interviews at the time and chose to remain hidden.

Best crpyto channel so far.

I am content with Ledger Wallet and the support is quite good.

I personally still expect to see BTC dip to close to the 8k level in the coming days (Jan 24-26 due to 5 year BTC crash pattern which happens 23-24 days prior to Chinese New Year annually this year landing on Jan 24-25 + the first CME short positions expiring on Jan 26). From here I expect a bounce back to above 10k levels fairly quickly forcing BTC into a 10-12k channel for the beginning of Feb, finally breaking out of this in mid Feb to just above the 14k mark which will act as a new bottom level of support going forward as BTC moves back towards record highs in March/April (~20k) and beyond in the months following (~40k in July/Aug). Interesting times!


I am all for that but I would prefer not to have to test 8K


Thanks for the insight @budz82. Do think bitcoin is a great long term HODL like for next 2-3 years?
What other coins would you suggest for 2018?


EOS is my biggest gainer, ^1,000% across the board. Whoever gets ahold of some today will have a similar story this time next year.


Whilst i think chinese new year is a big factor, I think its too easy to point fingers at it. :D


The current dip has more to do with the CME shorts then anything to be honest (but the timing also overlaps the Chinese New Year cycle + a natural correction cycle). Lots of people manipulating the market for their own gains at the current time...

  1. buy mass BTC in the 3 months leading up to the futures launch
  2. cause a major spike to all time highs at the time of the future launch
  3. sell a portion (~50%) of your BTC at the top (2-3x the value you bought in at) to recoup 50% or more of your investment while leaving you with the other half of your BTC position to be used later
  4. short bitcoin when the CBOE futures launch
  5. short bitcoin when the CME futures launch
  6. just prior to your CBOE shorts expiring dump some of your remaining BTC to cause a waterfall dip
  7. cash in on your CBOE future shorts due to this created dip
  8. wait a week or so, just prior to your CME shorts expiring dump the rest of your BTC to cause another waterfall dip to an even lower level then before
  9. cash in on your CME future shorts due to this 2nd created dip
  10. use all the profit you made from your manipulation (selling at created top, profit from small CBOE short, profit from large CME short) and use that to buy many times more BTC then you original owned without the need for more capitol and watch BTC correct back to all time highs and beyond, while at the same time taking a long position on both futures markets going forward for the next wave of manipulation (upward this time).

I guess you can call it the "10 easy steps to 10x your money by manipulating BTC on multiple fronts".

Long story short, expect a dip to ~8k in a few days , and then expect the downward pressure on BTC price to suddenly stop (~14k feb, ~20k april, ~40k july/aug) as they ride the wave up with the same method only in reverse (with many times more value in play).


thanks for the info

Don't Worry Martians if you are investing in Crypto you are still early to the show. To the Moon, Mars and the Stars! NIO Knight MBRS RMars

Do you think any Chinese miners will take a break for Chinese New Year? The lack of liquidity out of China over this holiday period could help exaggerate any move in bitcoins price (both to the upside and downside)

Thanks @boxmining for the detailed analysis. I also think that the last year's market are very different because of the fact that a huge number of people have adopted this universe since the starting of last year.

2018 will see many breakouts in unexpected uptrends in the market. Sleeping giants will show their strength over Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other top coins.

Money that is lost all this while will recover itself in the coming months. Interested times ahead among all the FUDs and Crashes. Hoping to get over these waves and reach new Highs and Heights. Cheers!

we are lossing people interest in cryptos because off asia rules and ico scammers is so sad

Great update! Agree on your assessment... past performance does not guarantee future returns. Given the huge run up last year, there will need to be time for buyers and sellers to consolidate in the market now. Lots of weak hands looking for a quick gain are still in the market. Best way is to do homework and commit for the longer term.

Great Information @boxmining

help full post,keep it on

Anyone who will manage to build safe wallet and transactions for altcoins will be BIG in the market.

Yeah crypto market is playing up and down continuously but everything will be good in mid of feb

Nice Video i will vote and restem this post

Everyday I wake up I am praying for a 300 billion dollar pump!!! PLEASSEEEE

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – CRYPTOCURRENCY ICO SCAMS – Another Transparent ICO Scam Is Created on the Ethereum Blockchain – https://pin.it/lmbw77xnhgvp6a

Icos are someones personal risk as all investments are. Its important to not blame an ICO since everyone is responsible for what they choose to invest in. And the market is behaving similar to last year, but even if it doesn't its not a big deal because crypto is generally a new space anyway for people to invest in.

how should you take off money from an offline wallet?

Only way I can think about it how ledger is missing funds may be if you purchase the ledger not directly from the company


Your video are great. It is a very good way to get updated. Just resteemed it

The ICOs that are coming up everyday is of growing concern to me because there are a lot of new investors in the market right now. Every other ICO seems like a 100x opportunity to a lot of people now. What do you think will be the impact of such behaviour on the market?

About the Ledger FUD, I have much more positive news. I was attending an event with the CEO of Ledger yesterday in Paris and I think their future is really bright. When you listen to their story it is pretty crazy what they went through and how much success they have right now. They might not be handling customer support very well but the CTO is probably the most knowledgeable in terms of crypto hardware right now.

They also have a competitive advantage over Trezor because they don't have to do their unit production in a crazily secured place, which allows them to produce at a much faster rate.

They plan on making just one app that would handle all currencies with a much better user experience (no more installing / uninstalling apps on the Ledger, choosing the chain etc). They're trying out a metal support where your seed words would be carved to avoid problems with water or ink disappearing. Plus tons of improvements he mentioned so I'm really excited about Ledger!

Thanks for bringing up the Ledger topic. I think it might scare a lot of people if they think they have lost all their funds on their Ledger hardware wallet.

I have written an article about this issue and have also pointed out some preventive measures every Ledger user should take!

Thanks for the daily update! I'm in for the long run when it comes to cryptocurrencies.
I'm glad I found Waltonchain early on, I'm expecting much from WTC!

Good luck tomorrow with the interview :)

Draw for Instance a line from the BTC price a year ago to the value of BTC today and see the Nov to Jan freak peak for what it is - and there is absolutely nothing unhealthy about the BTC performance!

The drop from the Freak Peak till today may be a nosedive, but that is just a very predictable part of the FP phenomenon!

This post very helpful..I appreciate your every post..I like Bitcoin ..Thanks for sharing crypto news..Best of luck.k.

have you checked ledgerwallet forums,reddit etc? I readmultiple posts about balances being 0...problems with sync secret keys etc..

Fake ICO websites are everywhere! People really have to be careful with their money and do the research before sending money to a random address!

Thank you so much for the great content you put out for the community!

Peace! ✌