Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash with Jimmy Song

in bitcoin •  last year

Bitcoin Cash has taken to the center-stage after its tremendous doubling in value and recent publicity growth. Today I talk to Jimmy Song (Offchain Channel) about what is happening in this space and the mining hash rates.

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i hold both, i dont care who wins ;)


Exactly. Whichever one makes my altcoins worth the most. CME Group just announced Bitcoin futures to trade next month though, that should make the scale heavy on the BTC side

Don't write off Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin fees are just too expensive ATM

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Lol. You guys were good actors. I still believe both coins are valuable

Thank you for your videos!! I know you have done videos in the past about Trezor and Nano S. I have a question and maybe you would be willing to do a video on it. The 20 word code that acts as a backup for the cold storage, is that saved only to the cold storage device, or is that on a website in case the device is lost? If that code is on a website, wouldn't that be vulnerable to hackers? Thank you again. Justen :)