I Should Have Bought Those Bitcoin : My Biggest Regret in Life

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The first time I'll get to know anything called coins was in the year Jan 2016, i read it in the newspaper about its capability to surpass the way we make exchange in years to come, two years down the line those prophesy were true, my friend told me then to buy with the little I can and keep, who knows what will come out of it, my mind and thinking faculty was one sided and loyal to my farming bussiness and I couldn't see the future that lies in cryptocurency. Here I am at the mercy of blockchain steeming it hard everyday to make ends meet.

One of my biggest if not my biggest regret in life is not buying bitcoin when it was as cheap as a penny, after loosing those opportunities I was still not exposed to numerous coins giving out airdrops, they look promising and no one trusted them but in few months time they become giants on the blockchain. Whenever I see a coin I know or I was told about making it and bouncing to a good value I always regret not buying into it at the right time when it was nothing, I regret those lost opportunities and am filled with sorrow as I type this.

I can't pinpoint an actual one but I regret all those lost opportunities of mine in time gone bye, I started hearing about Steemit since October last year but was reluctant till late December, now am addicted to this platform and I no more show up on fbk because of the numerous things I've gained here.

And I have found a way out of this regret, which is making good use of every opportunity that comes my way, taking risk every blessed day, I won't let any opportunity to pass me by again.

This is my entry into a contest by @jason04 and I hope you guys love it.

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