@steemprice Now Knows The Current USD Bitcoin Price, Go Ahead... Ask Him!

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How To

Just Add "BTC" To The Normal Call Like So: @steemprice BTC
(Currently requires it to be stated exactly as above otherwise a normal STEEM price response will occure)

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 5.25.53 PM.png

How About Other Cryptocurrencies ?

I will be adding them soon... Question is, which ones would you like me to add first? Comment Below!

Remember To Vote blueorgy for witness!


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Obviously, Steem Dollar and steem.I hope by doing may be price going upto $2usd/SBD. lol! Nice bot.Upvoted.

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Cool :) please add Ether.(ETH) also you can add steem vs others Cryptocurrencies.

Defiantly going to be adding this in the first round of Crypto's. Don't worry!

steem vs others Cryptocurrencies.

Good Idea as well!

Yes ETH please!

Nice concept

awesome man, will follow for updates ':) BTS and Ripple will be perfect

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