Bit x Bit: "In Bitcoin We Trust" documentatry now available

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Bit x Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust by David Foox

Designed to introduce what Bitcoin is as a revolutionary shift to digital currency, to instill the knowledge of how Bitcoin is revolutionizing global economics, and to encourage the excitement of each individual to join the Bitcoin revolution, embrace it, use it, and to live it. It’s about the ingenuity of humanity and a testament to the futurists at the helm of a great change.

Available here:

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Awesome, for me bitcoin has been so difficult to get hold of, I tried to buy some when I first heard about it, but just didn't have the know how, or know people who were into it. Then I heard about banks freezing peoples accounts if they traded fiat for bitcoin, and all the scams around. I think govt and banks don't like it but it will be better for people in the long run. These sort of documentaries are important because even though crypto have been around for years most people I mention the word bitcoin, they say "what's that", and they usually aren't interested, you can't spend it at the shop down the road yet. All the best.

Fabulous! Found something awesome to watch tonight thanks to you my friend. Appreciate it and will pass along this recommendation for the cause. In Bitcoin We Trust

bixbunny is great for bitcoin

excelente publicacion

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Well done, quick and smart video, that everyone can understand.

You got a big upvote from our entire Steem-Banat comunity.


the bitcoin is the best virtualmoney is the beatifuel a and
take all the concepts of the future.

Though region locked. They always release it so as few people can see it as possible. It realy hard to get hold of a copy of the movie or eavn stream it for moste of the planet. Their viewing have been quite limited too before release. I wonder what their motiv behind this is?

Possession of bitcoin is the future of investment - better than paper money

It makes a lot of sense. Is it only 2 minutes long video?

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Amazing descripcion

One must appreciate the irony of trusting in a system designed to eliminate the need for trust...

What are you talking about?

It seemed pretty self-explanatory to me. What are you having difficulty with?


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