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Tuesday August 22nd, 18:00
Pirate Party LGS Bayern
Schopenhauerstraße 71, 80807 München
U2 Milbertshofen, exit South-West. 3 minute walk along Schopenhauerstraße.


We're excited to have Manfred Karrer, founder and lead developer of Bisq, formerly Bitsquare, an anonymous (or better: identity-agnostic) decentralized application for exchanging and trading crypto-coins against each other as well as against fiat currency and back. It makes use of the Tor network in the background.

On our meetups we're often asked how to get bitcoins, easily, and with optimized privacy.

One short answer (we honestly often forget to mention) is to download, install and run the free and open source application Bisq on your Windows-/Mac-/Linux-PC.


The long answer Manfred, Austrian-born and now living in Barcelona, will give in the in-depth introduction, presentation and walk-through of his masterpiece, long-standing, well-known and widely adopted in the crypto-currency space. He will explain and show all the features which might be overwhelming to newcomers at first, like why arbitration and escrows are necessary on this platform and how they work.


Especially there'll soon be a DAO (not an ICO) feature in Bisq, so you'll learn how you can become part of its eco-system.

Here are some interviews with Manfred:


We'll also have BBQ, just because. It's summer after all, seems the weather will be nice, and as far as it seems we'll be kindly hosted by the Pirate Party who have a backyard, terrace, and grill.



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