Adam Meister of will help you install your Bitcoin Trezor

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You can easily contact me at: Adam AT TrezorHelp DOT com. I am testing out the Steemit platform to see if it can boost awareness of my cryptocurrency consultancy which specializes in Bitcoin consultation and Trezor installation help.

This video is different than my almost 300 previous ones. As you know my Bitcoin channel is very popular and growing at an amazing rate. I talk about a lot of issues from the simple to the complex. Today I wanted to make a video for beginners. Some beginners happen to have a lot more Bitcoin than others. Many of you have realized that Bitcoin is a great store of value and have jumped into my "buy and hold" philosophy. There are many high net worth individuals considering this strategy. If you are a "beginner" who happens to own over 3 BItcoin then it is very important that you watch this video. If you are beginner with only a small amount of Bitcoin then this video is also important, but some of what I say wont apply to you.

US citizens should purchase Bitcoin at If you are new to Bitcoin you need to learn how important it is to NOT store your Bitcoin online ESPECIALLY at Bitcoin exchanges. Coinbase has a "cold storage vault option" and if you have less than 3 Bitcoin and you don't feel like spending any money on storage then this is a legitimate option for now.

Offline storage of Bitcoin is something you need to consider and again if you have more than 3 BITCOIN it is a must. I highly recommend purchasing a "Bitcoin Trezor" offline storage device. It is like putting your Bitcoin in a physical safe. I own a Trezor and I have walked people through the installation process over the phone. It is well worth the $99 to buy one of these. It is not the easiest thing in the world to set up even for Bitcoin experts. I am available for hour long consultations where I will walk you through the Trezor installation process and help you move your Bitcoins to the Trezor and teach you how to operate it. I will answer all your questions in that hour and we can talk about anything. My hourly rate is .2 Bitcoin. Feel free to email me at Adam at TrezorHelp DOT com to set up a skype/phone consultation or to arrange an in person appearance or speaking engagement.



HEY HEY Adam the bitcoinmeister so good to see you back on steemit . I put together some data you might find interesting.

Adam, I watch your show every day and I love it!

Awesome! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing @bitcoinmeister

Thanks for liking and watching.

You the man Adam

just watched your livestream

and you should post to steemit more!

Hi @bitcoinmeister Adam,

if you have some spare time maybe my premiere article on steemit could be interesting. Your thoughts are very valuable.

Stay safe!

Yo Adam! shout out from Oz, and thanks for making my entry into the crypto space not so head filling/frying and also entertaining. Love all your videos and have "pounded that like button" every time dude! I'm only fresh, but your vids have got me with a little pie predominantly Litecoin & Bitcoin, so thanks for the sold grounding on solid coins and their history, security, cold storage, Holding, etc, much appreciated. Keep being fresh and original, be yourself, it works mate!

Adam, I love your show. Watch it all the time. I am bitcoin elite and 20%

Love the show! im getting on Steemit now cause you recommended it!

Awesome. Keep me updated on new posts of yours. Make them quality!

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