Is this the Last Chance to Buy Bitcoin in Dip?

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After our previous accurate prediction about Bitcoin’s price and technical analysis we are back again with another analysis. In this blog you will read Bitcoin price prediction and understand it’s trend (Downtrend or Uptrend). It’s Unstable price is giving hard times to daily traders. We suggest you not to buy Altcoins for some time now as everybody has their eyes on Bitcoin right now and Bitcoin dominance had increased up to 47.8%.

Now you must be wondering about when to Buy Altcoins?
We suggest you wait till 10th August and we will give you a signal for Altcoins, till then just don’t buy Altcoins as in the past few days we saw Altcoins price soar rapidly as Bitcoin price pumped. We will write a blog for that too and you might get to buy Altcoins at a lower price.

Now let’s have a look at the charts-

prediction 1.png

In the above chart you can see the impulsive waves 1,2,3,4 and 5. It might seem a little complicated, but we will try to make it easy for you. A, B and C on the chart are the correction waves. As the wave C completes 10% correction, we expect that the impulsive wave will be back with 26% gain as shown in below chart and the bitcoin price can reach till $9400 in that wave.

prediction 2.png

We expect the market to go up and there is less change that the price may fall below $7300. Now let’s look at another chart below with Stoch RSI whenever the Stoch RSI touches 25 we see a bull rally and now as in the below chat you can see that Stoch RSI has touched 25 which his a strong Bullish signal.

prediction 3.png

Just to be sure let’s look at another indicator which in Ichimoku Cloud and let’s see what it is telling us-

Prediction 4.png

The green area shown by the arrow is also an indicator of strong bull run.


1-Bull run incoming.
2-Last chance to Buy in the Dip.

Stay tuned for more Bitcoin and Altcoin Price Analysis………


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