Bluebook Investments - Update 6 - 1 June 2018

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

Welcome to update 6 of Bluebook Investments., the worlds first (and as far as we know ONLY) Company officially registered in Cyberspace and existing ONLY on the Blockchain. Here we are on the 1st June, and its.........


The first dividend of our 3 week cycle, and after a few hiccups on processing the payment (had switched to a 2.x online wallet whilst qbundle updates and received "unknown bug" errors on calculating the payout), payment has now gone through, so Shareholders should see it in their accounts.

So, a quick run-down on how things have gone this last week.....

BCH has increased steadily, and when there is enough to buy a sufficient amount of BURST to distribute to Shareholders, this will be done (50% to company for re-investment, 50% distributed as dividend payment)

DOGE has been on a steady climb, and now stands at a total of 1078 DOGE

STEEM/STEEM POWER/SBD - Steadily increasing through delegation/vote selling, and now has reached 510 STEEM POWER. I am looking at dropping another $45USD into this from my own pocket to increase the holding and returns by approximately 4.5% to make it a sustainable cashflow item

IPO - No movement on the IPO, and there are still just over 247,000 Shares available for purchase at the current price. If there is little or no movement in the next 3 weeks, I will be looking into closing the IPO, and returning the Shares to the Bluebook Account (will not receive dividends), and then investigate using the Holding account to buy back chunks of shares at up to a 10% markup on the sale price (up to 0.55 BURST PER SHARE). The aim is that the shares will be held by the Holding account for up to a 3 week period (and receive 1 dividend only) before anything over 5% of the holding is transferred back to the Bluebook account (providing there is sufficient to justify transferring them back)

ZEC - Still providing the Dividend payment for the Company, and this will be starting to wind down in the next couple of months. This will be an important time for the Company, as replacing the donated contract is going to provide a few issues, and WILL reduce the dividend payment or the frequency whilst new investments are brought up to speed


So, where is the Company going in the future? This is a tricky one to answer, and there are several possibilities. I am investigating increasing STEEM POWER, returning to staking TROLL and the issuance of a Corporate Bond (Non-dividend paying, but prospective interest payable on buy-back date of up to 7%).

The only thing which is certain is that we are not going to disappear, as we believe in the future of BURST, and are eagerly awaiting the coming updates.

Now for the bit you have beeing waiting for..... The Dividend Details.....

Bluebook (15580101995156730213) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 752520
Summary of proposed distribution of 790.5BURST to 13
Based on asset holders at timestamp 120126536 (Thu, 14 Sep 2017 20:28:56 GMT)

Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
500000, BURST-S8ZT-DMST-785B-7HA86, 525.2352097
120600, BURST-T3PE-KBSP-V4E8-H7LMJ, 126.68673258
54000, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 56.72540265
50000, BURST-G6TF-RJ46-SRCU-9LEZR, 52.52352097
15000, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 15.75705629
10000, BURST-MDX2-4HFY-PLTY-68L3M, 10.50470419
2000, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 2.10094084
254, BURST-E56Y-7XQ7-C9E8-9XD55, 0.26681949
220, BURST-J2F3-WX2U-8QZA-FUT2B, 0.23110349
200, BURST-QP8G-YWTB-V29A-6D464, 0.21009408
140, BURST-KAJS-UPYW-LLT6-GQG3Y, 0.14706586
102, BURST-VG5J-CL56-X4RC-9M9GA, 0.10714798
4, BURST-2EBP-FAJV-HHKL-HXLC6, 0.00420188

Amount paid, Account, TX
525.2352097, BURST-S8ZT-DMST-785B-7HA86, 5972722990909856064
126.68673258, BURST-T3PE-KBSP-V4E8-H7LMJ, 6707217202312723956
56.72540265, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 10941924360189929110
52.52352097, BURST-G6TF-RJ46-SRCU-9LEZR, 7484953412658958595
15.75705629, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 7863987707598062482
10.50470419, BURST-MDX2-4HFY-PLTY-68L3M, 15603180150875654678
2.10094084, BURST-HRE6-EJVS-75KV-GFD3K, 13128906723875206159
0.26681949, BURST-E56Y-7XQ7-C9E8-9XD55, 2229930179424338271
0.23110349, BURST-J2F3-WX2U-8QZA-FUT2B, 13721208619063868851
0.21009408, BURST-QP8G-YWTB-V29A-6D464, 4668148291814349486
0.14706586, BURST-KAJS-UPYW-LLT6-GQG3Y, 11060173656431642374
0.10714798, BURST-VG5J-CL56-X4RC-9M9GA, 17677326837639801105
0.00420188, BURST-2EBP-FAJV-HHKL-HXLC6, 15952518206675080394
------------All transactions processed------------

On the Skip, Donate, Accept cycle, I will be sending my Dividend back to the Company in the next day or so, to allow for further investment.

Thank you for reading, have a good day and don't forget to UPVOTE and RESTEEM to spread the word

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