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Who are owners? Why are they anonymous? Why are they running a ponzi scam website?

Why are the using a UK shell company as their owner? Why is their website hosted in Belize with anonymous registration?

If they so good at trading and can promise returns of upto 40%/month why do they need to start an ICO?

Is there any evidence at all that they have not been paying users of their signature campaign and their HYIP from the bitcoin they get from the investards later on?

When they have taken in enough bitcoin these scammers will disappear without a trace.

Many Ponzi schemes share common characteristics. Look for these warning signs:

High investment returns with little or no risk.
Every investment carries some degree of risk, and investments yielding higher returns typically involve more risk. Be highly suspicious of any "guaranteed" investment opportunity.

Overly consistent returns.
Investment values tend to go up and down over time, especially those offering potentially high returns. Be suspect of an investment that continues to generate regular, positive returns regardless of overall market conditions.

Unregistered investments.
Ponzi schemes typically involve investments that have not been registered with the SEC or with state regulators. Registration is important because it provides investors with access to key information about the company's management, products, services, and finances.

Unlicensed sellers.
Federal and state securities laws require investment professionals and their firms to be licensed or registered. Most Ponzi schemes involve unlicensed individuals or unregistered firms.

Secretive and/or complex strategies.
Avoiding investments you do not understand, or for which you cannot get complete information, is a good rule of thumb.

Issues with paperwork.
Do not accept excuses regarding why you cannot review information about an investment in writing. Also, account statement errors and inconsistencies may be signs that funds are not being invested as promised.

Difficulty receiving payments.
Be suspicious if you do not receive a payment or have difficulty cashing out your investment. Keep in mind that Ponzi scheme promoters routinely encourage participants to "roll over" investments and sometimes promise returns offering even higher returns on the amount rolled over.


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Yeah I keep seeing people claiming issues with that website, but how about this website, maybe some suspicions about this one as well perhaps? I wanted to install the software but keep detecting it had a trojan. Wanted to farm some burstcoin.

Could be, I'll read more about it, thanks for your comment.

Its on CoinMarketCap in the 25th position. Its transparent and I've been earning money everyday. Bout to invest more before prices go up. You can trade it, you can mine it, it has a blockchain. THIS is just a list of unsubstantiated claims that don't transfer to BitConnect. I can take my money out of my lending wallet, transfer to bitcoin and use at anytime.

Good for you if you didn't had any problems so far, but don't be too sure, that those problems can start once there are not enough new users to pay the others.

I can take my money out of my lending wallet, transfer to bitcoin and use at anytime

Have your verified this by withdrawing your initial investment?

What do you think about Poloniex?

Wouldn't have a lot of coins there, but I think it's quite safe.

Thank you for this post. I put in $100 and its been paying out the last time I checked but I may be lucky up to this point. I was telling people about it but after reading your post I wont anymore. I dont want to be getting paid off of someones investment. Thanks for your time. Upvoted and followed.

Happy to hear I'm able to spread some important info here, and thank you! :)