Using Metcalfe to trade Tokens: Results [500% returns] + Future Plans

in bitcoin •  10 months ago

Last 15 days have been absolutely amazing. Using simple mathematical operations (Metcalfe's law) and freely available data on the internet (social media + coinmarketcap) we were able to identify the coins with best growth potential. Look at my past posts to see the trades that we made. Some of the best performers:

$XP [x10]

$ENG [x5]

$COLX [x5]

$XVG [x3]

$TRX [x2]

$POE [x4]

And the best part is, these coins and tokens are legit. You wanna HODL them.

So far we used an app written by @codemojo in 2 days in javascript and python, that fetches data from various sources and basically measures community growth of the target coins. Taking into account the square factor, we were able to pinpoint the most undervalued coins at that time.

I know daytraders can make a lot of money using TA. But in our case, we looked at the predictions in the morning, bought the coins, and forgot about it until the end of the day. How about that?

What the future brings:

- weight users by their importance in the community
- use PageRank to distribute flow into various communities (identify users who are invested in more than one coin)
- create a realtime feed of activity related to crypto (we are currently 1 day behind)
- analyze sentiment in the communities
- use machine learning to discover correlations between attributes, that is not visible at first sight
- launch an ICO for $FLOW token, to fund our future operations
- create a cryptokitties-like games where creatures will be predicting future coin prices based on genetic algorithm written in the smart contract

If you want to become a part of our growing community, check this link:

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Giving out free votes to the little guys, I hope you appreciate.

Another feature we will implement is automatic trading using ENIGMA Catalyst.

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