CRYPTO 101: VIDEO: World Crypto Network Daily Stream from Today: (~78 mins) | News of the Day with Thomas and the WCN Crew. | The Bitcoin News Show #60 - CME & Nasdaq Futures, Crypto Regulation, Crypto going Mainstream

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The World Crypto Network is a good daily stream - usually short in the 8-15 mins range, giving an overview of the some of the news of the day.


Some Livestreams can be longer and often are.

Most days the stream goes live in the ~10 to 11 am EST range unless they are travelling / tied up.


WCN on most days has these usual suspects running / panelling the channel:


Jimmy Song (

Jeffrey Jones (

Thomas Hunt ( and

Tone Vays (


The Bitcoin News Show for the week of Nov 27th with your host @theonevortex

-- and your panelists: @needitshareit / @CABS_Token / @WilliamSantiago

William K. Santiago - Crypto Token Analyst at
Evgeny Xata - Managing Director at
Austin Angler - Crypto Trader



-Your guys's thoughts on the CME and Nasdaq Futures, and how long until we see an ETF?
-Where are ICOs right now and why/how are you guys using them?
-What do you see as the most exciting projects right now?
-How do you guys see bitcoin and crypto regulation evolving around the globe?
-How will banks interact with bitcoin and other crypto in the near future?
-What do you see as the #1 hurdle to bitcoin and crypto going mainstream?


5:10 Are we in a bubble? - William K. Santiago
7:16 Are we in a bubble? - Evgeny
11:34 Are we in a bubble? - Austin Crypto Angler
14:13 Thoughts on government crackdowns - Austin
16:45 Thoughts on government crackdowns - William
18:48 Thoughts on government crackdowns - Evgeny
27:20 Thoughts on CME & NASDAQ futures - William
28:07 Additional thoughts on government crackdowns - Austin
28:52 Thoughts on CME & NASDAQ futures - Evgeny
30:13 Thoughts on ICOs - Evgeny
33:12 Thoughts on ICOs - Austin
35:35 Thoughts on ICOs - William
42:58 What upcoming project do you find exciting? - William
49:08 What upcoming project do you find exciting? - Evgeny
52:02 What upcoming project do you find exciting? - Austin
54:31 Thoughts on current price - Austin
59:12 Thoughts on current price - William
59:17 Thoughts on current price - Evgeny
1:01:18 Additional thoughts on price - Austin
1:05:59 Contact info



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We should buy some Bitcoin for our family and friends for Christmas.


I have transferred crypto to several people, you have to use good judgement on it -- some of them will never like it, never remember, never use it, lose it, or never believe in it, trust me, I have read the stories also!


Agreed. It would be better to invest in people who are ready and willing for the future. Many don't really get where the future is going. I would give people Bitcoin, on one hand, in order to promote it, but it is also not practical, financially, to do that, on the other hand, like you said.


I would have to, because they're too lazy to get it for themselves, though I sent them to a link to get any crypto. They have all kinds of excuses, and phony excitement about it.
I'm done with family and friends, even after explaining, but they're also all ADD it seems during the conversation. I hate for them to call me when they don't have much time to hear. Anyhow, I told a niece, I will rub it in when she sees the coins I offered her goes up, but she didn't want them then.


We have to try and remember where WE were at over the years.

You have to be ready for this kind of thing, it is different.

Ears to hear, as the bible says.


Thankyou for your reply Barry. I was just thinking of another Bible verse as I was typing that response, about the prophet not accepted in his own home town. It didn't matter that I explained it in layman's terms either to them.
Yes, I had decided to move on.
Interesting how they're not willing to hear good news, but come running to you during a crisis. Sign of their selfishness.


Perhaps yes.

But also it could be inability to accept or at least hear new things, think of it like all the political lies going on today.

Stockholm Syndrome / Cognitive Dissonance right?

Defending their oppressors and unbelief in the atrocities committed by their "leaders" etc.

I have to admit, until about 2008, when I started to honestly wake up, I was a statist kind of LOL, people do not believe me when they see my work and activism so publicly etc.

But I am being damaged by the state, in many ways now, it just proves my point.


Yes I do see what you mean on all of your replies. It all makes sense to me.