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RE: Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day 2018

in #bitcoin5 years ago

Someday, we’ll be able to make graphics like this with STEEM. But it’ll be slightly different.

It’ll say:

“In 2018, you could have bought a pizza with 3 STEEM. Today, in 2019, that same pizza is worth 42 million STEEM!”


I’ll be sure to make that when the day comes. Unless SMTs save the day and make us all rich!

Oh, yeah! I forgot all about the SMT savior!

I hear we’ll get saved by them right after we get saved by communities! And a mobile app! And improved onboarding! And world-class documentation! And marketing! And...

You know what? I’m not so confident now. :(

I don't even like communities. Is that bad? I don't like a plethora of new tokens either, all vying for attention. Am I a bad person now?

Of course. The absolute terriblest person of all time. For shame, sir. For shame!

I have always known I am special 8-P.

good to see you comment at least - thought you left @ats-david - miss a lot of you pricers being active - maybe as i hardly can access this shit since weeks.

fucking zombies

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