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Hi everyone ! its just some weeks ago the bitcoin price almost hits the 20.000 $ , since that day its going more and more down !
is it the end of bitcoin? , is it the finish of all the holders ?

  • The bad effect that its happening to bitcoin now its about all the panic sellers , the traders and the companys that they support !


  • Let's talk about the panic sellers !
    they are the holders with kind of a sickness ! when they see the price going a bit down they sell all they have, and they re buy again when the price start to be higher !


*The traders !
we can say that they are the managers of the coins , they have a very big effects on the price of the coins while they use they're own " secrets or strategys " for Pump and Dump

==> Pump : is like a buy attack to make the price go high sometimes more than 8000% to get the eyes of the Panic Sellers and then they sell !

==> Dump : its selling all the coins in the same time to make the price very low , and then they buy them back and they buy the coins of the Panic Seller for the low price !


  • The companys that they support !
    Questions : Why the companys support ? ! and why they quit ?!

1- We start with the support part ! usually the big companys support the coins with buying a part of that token for some reasons ! like to grow up The Market Capital // They gain with the pumping of price // they use the coins for peering , because its better , easier then Credits Cards , Bank transactions ... etc

2- Why they quit ? they quit for the same problem that it happens with bitcoin! which is when you need to send maybe just 11 $ you must pay as fees about 20 $ in some wallets , and thats will make people running away from using !


  • Here we are for the question now ! is this is the end ?

Some of the professional traders Like @TrevonJB , saying : that the price will go low untill 8.000 $ then maybe it will go high again !

Some of the Facebook Groups talking about that its the end of BITCOIN ! and its the beginning of the other Coins that they have better coins, lower fees , better projects , like : ETH / ETC / LTC / XRP / SIA / STEEM ... etc

In my opinion its the time to invest in other coins ! even to buy , the bitcoin price is kinda high ! why don't you try to invest in other good successful coins , i think its better !

Let me know your opinion ! i'll be happy to read ! thanks for reading !


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Hi, Thank you for this post. I have been int4erested in digitalNote for some time. It is very confusing to figure out how to buy it. Also, it sounds like they are about to hardfork and some added action will be required. Can you tell me what exchange makes buying it easy. Also, if you have checked into it, do you think it is a good choice? If you don't have any info or opinion that is okay. Your post just reminded me I have not finished my inquiry into digitalNote.


Hi, i just took a look for the DigitalNote , if the bitcoin will go low it will effect on all of them , in my opinion its better to exchange to btc and then buy again when the DigitalNote goes lower ! because as the chart of DigitalNote and all the other charts , seems like it will go more down then another huge!
i hope that i help !
thank you

Hello Mate, First I want to congratulate you, your post is well writing and explained and your analysis worth the reflection :)
In fact, I agree with you and will pick EOS ,STEEM, and ETH as a better investment alternative for the moment.
Let's watch the next Fork (lighting), maybe wil be the solution the BTC high fees :)


First i want to say thank you ! , second EOS it's an important token that i didn't talk about ! but i really advice to buy !
and here we are waiting together to a better huge...

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