Latest Ethereum Price And News Update 20-08-2018

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Hello traders .

Ethereum News

TalentSnap uses Ethereum Blockchain, that is one of biggest and most stable and reliable one.

Today Ethereum Price :

Today 20/08/2018 Monday the Ethereum price 2.45% Down. From $310 to $292.

Total Bitcoin Market :

4,612,163 BTC

Total Ethereum Market in last 24 Hours :

246,138 BTC

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A good coin to hold!

Ethereum is at the support level now, but be careful. IT seems that we may go test lower lows. Ethereum is still in bear cycle after all.

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Eth , Xrp or other coins ..

Now HTB time guys on Hotbit exchange ‼

Wonderful project that targets extremely fast- growing markets.
Great team and a huge potential. Exciting to see how the project moves forward .

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