I feel like I am getting Screwed !

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So today I made a Post where I explained a bit how I got a Mail from an Exchange to Update my KYC and AML Verifications. It was actually from Kucoin Exchange and once I read the Email I went to the website and checked things out. It was all ok I just needed to submit some Documents, there was no Ban or anything.


Out of Curiosity I went ahead and checked Poloniex too and to my Surprise, I got this Message displayed at the Bottom.


They didn't even Mail me or give some Grace Period so that we could move our Funds. They just downright Froze our Wallets. Now I believe this is just Blasphemy.


I also believe that there is an Ulterior Motive behind this. Let me give you an Example. I have 30 USD worth of CIVIC Tokens on Poloniex which I am unable to withdraw due to my Wallets getting Frozen. Now I am going to get my CIVIC Tokens back as each penny matters to me but there are many People who would simply leave that 30 Bucks and not provide their KYC Details. Multiply that 30 Bucks with Poloniex's Customer Base and they are looking at one hell of a Payday.


I am not pissed because they are doing their KYC and AML Process but they should have Limited Daily Transactions like other Exchanges instead of downright Freezing our Accounts.


That was terrible but I believe they pre- informed you people before the freeze. Most times, when you required to verify some docs in your account are your refuse to do it, they take measures to make you respond. Banks do it also. Hope you do what's required so that you can get your money back

Just terrible.

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Sounds retarded tbh. And this is when they were recently acquired by circle that in turn is GS backed. There should have been some professionalism here. Have they notified how long the accounts have been frozen and for what reason? May be somewhere on their website or twitter feed? The best exchange wrt user satisfaction is binance imo.

that's not good, I wish you all the best, hope it gets unfrozen for you

yeah, they could have made limited transactions rather than freezing your A/c. Things would always look smaller from a single customer side but that would be heap from the office corner.

its terrible😞

This is a reason to never leave tokens on a trading exchange and in the future is to migrate 100% on DEX!

I heard that Poloniex ...they have a new owner.

That is crazy and plain day light robbery. I really hope that they can unfreeze people's accounts and let them have their money. Such exchanges like poloniex are giving a bad name to the crypto space and scaring off new people from joining.

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This is ridiculous! How can they do it to their customers? Is this a new means of looting someone?