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Motormoney is a Russian page that pays in rubles, the minimum is 1 ruble (It is achieved in a while without referrals) it is more or less than 0.01 $, without having to put your own money, neither to invest nor to collect, it has 4 ways to win:

1) Ptc: It's a very fast way to win, few pages I've seen so much, only by this method you get the daily ruble

2) Daily bonus: They give you a daily bonus of an indeterminate amount.

3) By tasks: They send you to register or download certain pages

4) You can buy cars:The cars generate you automatic rubles for example, the cheapest one costs you 10 rubles and generates you 0.0034 rubles / hour, there are some that give more and therefore they are more expensive.
The money you earn with ads and cars is the money you can collect, another option is to exchange the collection money for purchase money, with the purchase money you buy more cars and thus generate more rubles automatically.

One of the most famous websites, which seemed "Reliable" became SCAM!


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The mining of Bitcoin is triggering the consumption of electricity worldwide



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