Trade Bitcoin With Icon And Make More Satoshi

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ICX(icon) Analysis And Trading Tips:

While the bitcoin is stable for now and the ICX had done well from last 6 Days so that it be more stronger sooner and i have trade by my self to trade with ICX with Bitcoin to make more ICON with different Skills.

When you have time to trade with the Icon and Bitcoin so you should know how to trade with the pair on the binance or bittrex so its time to explain the trading tips!


When you set the price at the current time you should place a pending order as the price will go drop sooner so it will have 5227.27 Icon For the 0.115 Bitcoins.

Sell ICX:


At the time when you see that the price of the Icon hit that level so you will have to place a sell pending order with a only a different of 10 Pips you will have a chance to make the more Bitcoins with that trick and its will need only few hours to cycle the price range.

Because the market is bear and you will have to make more satosi.

image.pngImage source

Trading Details:

In trading tips you will have to try with a small amount of Usd to start trading if you are not having experience in the trading you will not start with the high investment you will face the very high amount of loss so you will learn first.


Details Of Source :


we are not a financial advisors we are doing the analysis for the fun and we are just sharing our experience of trading with the steemians and other traders to help us with their experience, You comment regarding trading will be really appreciated.

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