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RE: BTC-E's Server Wallet just sent 485,000 ETH... It receieved 2 cents of ETH, withdrew 2 cents of ETH, then sent $99,000,000 of ETH(485K ETH). Are we losing our coins?

in #bitcoin5 years ago

I feel like theres going to be a lot of money disappearing very soon because of the BTC fork


Instead of money disappearing, there is free money to be had (if you know how to play it right). Checkout my post about how to get free money out of the potential fork :

oh exactly bro, you're totally right, I bought up waves and steem during the dip

Yes it is going to be crazy unfortunately... :(

I upvoted ya, appreciate if you could re-steem and help spread the word

Resteemed and upvoted!👌🐸

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