The token of the day, perfect to invest in the short / long term. Reddcoin (RDD / BTC)

in bitcoin •  last year

This is the second time that I dare to give a direct opinion of which currency should invest almost certainly, and I say "almost sure" because exogenous problems can arise that make the token go down without respecting patterns.

Today I will give you the Redd Coin (RDD) as a personal option, since when analyzing your graph it is touching the support of bearish tendency and in the last days it has had a slow cumulative period. Which raises that in the next hour will break that barrier and will have a possible accumulation can reach $ 0.009441

This is an accessible token for small investors since it has almost no value, I personally invest 1000 USD and will soon release my earnings, for those who do not trust the word of someone with such a low reputation on this platform can visit the first recommendation I gave a few days ago, it was the ETC, I recommended buying it 3 days ago at $ 22 and today it has a value of $ 28. Here I will leave the link of the post so you can check
: ETC Analysis

Disclaimer legal, I am not a financial advisor, do your own due diligence when investing in cryptocurrencies. This is just my speculative opinion.

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ReddCoin is awesome! People are thinking there is about to be another little dip soon, so that might provide better opportunity to buy!


He has been climbing very little, but I think a break in that trend is approaching. As I said, I recommend investing a lot, I think it will give very fast results. Thanks for your support.



Im impressed by your analysis = ) Keep it up my friend and hopefully people are going to profit from it.Let's see if your recommendation is going to end up good.How much did you profit with ETC btw?

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.


Thank you very much, comments like those are those that are needed to follow. With ETC, I won so far about 200 USD, It should be noted that I only invested 700 USD. And I'm thinking about letting them cool down since I think it will increase their value even more.


Wow man thats awesome. I'm waiting to see your result about ReddCoin . I respect you.