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RE: Interesting Bitcoin News Today (Electrum, BitPay, Blockchain.INFO, Kraken)

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Perhaps I can add a bit about Kraken: They have a good website and the automated verification system is good enough. But if for some reason you end up needing Support, you're screwed.

With me they took two weeks to answer with an automated email that essentially said "If you still need help please send another ticket, if not, good for you".

However, most exchanges are struggling like that. Just a lot of people joining the scene. In general it's best to avoid Support as much as you can. And if you do have to talk to someone, remember to be polite, that alone will probably move you higher in the queue.

Do you think this will improve soon?

Thanks for sharing!


I use Bitfinex and I have never had any problems with support. My tickets have always been replied to within the hour.

Bitfinex was great till they got hacked. Took them 8 or 8 months to repay all the ppl. But yes they do have good coustomer service

The fact that they paid everyone back highlights the value they place on their customers and on the business. That is something Mt. Gox couldn't and didn't seem to want to get involved with. I was one of many who lost 1/3 of my Bitcoin holdings on Bitfinex and I've been pleasantly surprised with how well they managed the situation. Hacks will continue to happen in the wild wild west world of crypto for some time to come. Just have to be on the lookout for valid players in the space. I certainly believe in Bitfinex and Coinbase at this point

Its good to know your opinion of Bitfinex. I didn't have a Bitfinex account when they were hacked so I didn't lose anything. My premise was that they would be safer after being hacked because they would up their anti-hacking capabilities after that.

Certainly true. One price we all pay regardless is that price takes a hit in the short term when these things happen. But it's better for it to happen now then when the space is much much larger in the future. Though, I'm sure this will always be a constant battle and we'll just have to deal with volatility for the foreseeable mid term as the space matures beyond being considered a "bubble" and "ponzi scheme" as the mass media and banks like to highlight

yes true 100% agree with you

seriously kingscrown mentioned the best solution in the article above.
too many people are not aware of that, keep your hard owned money for yourself in a self secured walled on your laptop, and you will not need to contact any support or bother yourself with anyone

To me, the problem is how hard it is to trade directly from personal wallets. Which has some solutions, but none as confortable as am exchange.

Not to mention hefty fees (and sometimes way off rates) on in-wallet exchanges.

You could try Bisq (formerly named: BitSquare). It is completely P2P exchange with an escrow mechanism. I have not tried it yet though for a real trade.

I hadn't heard of it before but it looks pretty promising, thanks for sharing!

Hey there, use openledger the de-centralized exchange.