A Warning Message From Time-Traveler For Our Cryptocurrency Generation

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A Warning Message From Time-Traveler For Our Cryptocurrency Generation

It was the second half of 2013 when I by accident came across to this warning message from time-traveler who arrived from 2025.

Time-TravelerImage Source: Image from Pixabay. Credits to geralt for time-traveler, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

It was, in fact, an article I found over four (4) years ago on Reddit written by a person who named him/herself (on Reddit) as Luka Magnotta. The article was published on August 31, 2013. (It took me quite amount of time now to find it among my old bookmarks.)

It was an interesting read at that time (2013) as Luka was talking from the perspective of the year 2025 about the years 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2025, all of which seemed like a distant future at the time when I was reading it for the first time.

Time MachineImage Source: Author's derivative work with image from Pixabay. Credits to DasWortgewand for time-machine, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

The story he/she was telling sounded a bit like, I believe, Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" must have been sounded to the majority of its first readers in 1870 when the book was published.

I don't think many people back then, at that distant 1870 already knew that "Sub Marine Explorer" was the first submarine who only four years before (in 1866), controlled by the crew managed to dive successfully, cruise underwater, and resurface.

Very likely, the majority as well didn't know that true Nautilus, very alike the creature - submarine Vern was describing in his book, France built even earlier (70 years before) in 1800 or even less the first submarine had been made, in fact, 250 years before Vern's book was published, in 1620 by Dutch engineer Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel.

All of this might be self-understandable if we take into consideration that people in 1870 didn't have Internet, didn't even have the telephone (as it was invented six years later, in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell), and accordingly, the news was traveling very slow.


You might be asking yourself now...

But, what all these have to do with us today?

BitcoinImage Source: Image from Pixabay. Credits to allanlau2000 for bitcoin-coin, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

I was triggered by recent events around Bitcoin which had a huge jump, only in the past month (from around $6,000 to current $16,000), we have just witnessed.

As well, led by old Latin proverb told to us by Cicero "Historia magistra vitae est." (History is a life's teacher.), that should provoke us to study past and use it as a lesson for the future; I was inspired to dig, find and read again that warning message from the time-traveler I have stumbled upon over four years ago.

MessageImage Source: Author's derivative work with image from Pixabay. Credits to Ridderhof for background-text, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

In that message, Luka Magnotta, as the time-traveler, was telling how Bitcoin would behave in the coming years. So, in 2013th he/she said the Bitcoin would reach the amount of $1,000 US two years later, in 2015. We can say, he was somewhat wrong about that one as Bitcoin from $100 in August 2013 managed to reach $1,000 for the first time, only three (3) months later, at the end of November 2013.

After that, it dropped down and during 2014 was circling around $400 with few summer jumps to around $600. 2015 in the mid of January started with another big drop down to $200 and the year finished by Bitcoin reaching again $400 in which range was fluctuating the first half of 2016.

The first big jump started again at the very end of May 2016, reaching back the $1,000 in the first few days of 2017.

For 2017 Luka said Bitcoin would reach the amount of $10,000.

Bitcoin Jump UpImage Source: Author's derivative work with image from Pixabay. Credits to geralt for bitcoin-stock, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

Somewhere in the mid of January this year (2017), only 12 months ago, when Bitcoin dropped below $800 it didn't seem very likely that it would reach $10,000 or even less $16,000 by the end of the year, but it did.

Luka said that in 2019 Bitcoin would reach the price of $100,000 and in 2021 $1,000,000. He/she said, from that point onwards, it would be impossible to express the Bitcoin value in dollars as the dollars wouldn't exist anymore, and the only existing values in which the wealth would be measured is land and cryptocurrency.

And you might ask now, what's the problem with that and...

What we should be warned about?

BitcoinImage Source: Image from Pixabay. Credits to geralt for bitcoin-coin, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

A few days ago @prufarchy, in his "The Bitcoin Transformation" post said...

I never thought I'd live to see the banking system afraid.

He also said...

I watched MNC's (Multi-National Corporations) overtake the legislative processes of other countries through manipulative financial schemes that did nothing to benefit the host country.

And I can't agree more with him.

In other words, the occurrence of Bitcoin followed by all the other cryptocurrencies, in some or even many ways, became not only our chase but even a scream for freedom. It became a way, we all believed or still do, that would liberate us from big player's and big brother's control, from manipulative and controlling corporations, banking cartels and governments.

But what if we are wrong or at least not entirely right?

Time-TravelerImage Source: Image from Pixabay. Credits to Greendragon-Gecko for steampunk-time-clock, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

In his/her warning message, Luka Magnotta said that many governments were secretly buying Bitcoin, trying to ensure their resistance. Their large volume Bitcoin purchases caused even more significant value increase of the Bitcoin, but despite that most of the governments don't exist anymore (in 2025) as those Bitcoins ended up on private accounts of greedy government employees who vanished afterward.

He/she also said that the leading institutions which hold the most considerable accessible Bitcoin amounts (in the year 2025) would be ASICminer, The IMF's currency stabilization fund, Government of Saudi Arabia and The North Korean government.

The economic growth would be only -2% per year as most of the people would hold enough Bitcoin to last them for a lifetime what would eliminate every incentive to invest the money.

He/she also said...

After seeing the enormous damage done to the fabric of society, terrorist movements emerged that sought to hunt down and murder anyone known to have a large balance of Bitcoin, or believed to be responsible in any way for the development of cryptocurrency. Ironically, these terrorist movements use Bitcoin to anonymously fund their operations.

Most people who own any significant amount of Bitcoin no longer speak to their families and lost their friends, because they had to change their identities.

Maybe we could agree that Luka Magnotta in his/her Reddit article "I am a time-traveler from the future, here to beg you to stop what you are doing" exaggerate and paint many highly unlikely things, possibilities and outcomes.

But what if...???

What if this quite intriguing four years old (SF or not) story is still trying to show us the other side of the coin we can't see somewhat blinded by our goal?

Turning back to the Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" book that I mentioned at the beginning, and whose story, back then, very likely seemed equally science fictional (because most of its readers haven't been aware of submarine existence and discovery) as Luka's story might appear to us today, and also recalling onto old Latin proverb *"Historia magistra vitae est." - while I'm trying to build a better future, I'm asking myself what are the lessons I should learn from history?

LibraryImage Source: Image from Pixabay. Credits to Mysticsartdesign for library-sky, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

  • Despite the telephone, mobile phones, tablets, computers, all other high tech devices and Internet connection that we have at our disposal today that makes us feel we could reach any needed information anytime, the question is - Is that really so?
  • Are the main achievements and discoveries most important for humankind still very well hidden from us, kept in secrecy and accessible only to a few of elite ones?
  • What if we are making our decisions and planning our actions, in fact, in the very predictable ways because of such partial knowledge and awareness?
  • How much out of the box and how much broader and deeper we should think and act to change that if that's so?
  • And last but not least, what if instead of building a better and brighter future which would liberate us from all the barriers and chains in which we are now, in fact, we are just walking deeper into a very well designed different trap which proportions and perhaps entirely opposite than expected outcomes we can't see either imagine or even less comprehend yet?

Binary TrapImage Source: Image from Pixabay. Credits to geralt for binary-null-digital, used under the CC0 Creative Commons license.

Authored by @ana-maria

Luka Magnotta's Reddit article - "I am a time-traveler from the future, here to beg you to stop what you are doing"
Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel

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This will never happen. Bitcoin will be worth much less in 2021 or so. Who will let decentralized money to control the world?

This is for sure an option and another possible outcome. It's hard to predict anything from this point without being a "certified prophet." 😉🙂


All very valid questions to bring up @adsactly.

I think it is going to be a combination of the two for a few years. There is going to be a tug-o-war going on between the traditional and the disruptive. Cryptocurrency is that disruptive force. People are already starting to create and produce more which benefits then directly as opposed to a huge corporation. We will continue to see this shift.

Bitcoin isnt the only game in town which is a good thing. Back in 2013, bitcoin was really the only name. Now we have many legit coins. Also, and most importantly, we are learning the process. People are going to realize money is created out of thin air. That is a big difference. Once people start to understand that process, they are going to be on the path to freedom.

Is Bitcoin the sacred cow? No. It is one path. If the elite buy it up, the rest of the populous can switch to something else. The possibilities for legitimate currency is endless.

You post brings up a valid point....the establishment isnt going to go easy. They will fight tooth and nail.

You are spot on with this. Especially back in 2013 as bitcoin being the only name out there in terms of cryptocurrency. I tried to make a list here on my website probably around 2014-2015 in an attempt to make a list of scam coins. The work was overwhelming and I eventually gave up. Mind you I've purposely neglected to update the list, as I was literally wasting too much time on it. Now there's a wide variety of legit coins to choose from.

Fascinating article and excellent response. Im very curious to see how various poqer brokers (governments, industries, social elites, etc) respond.... any currency relies on social traction and the belief in value. Will be exciting to see how this plays out.

I really enjoyed your comment very much! I like the way how you are thinking. Germans would say (I'm not German but the expression is circling in my area too) "Zucker coms zuletzt" (Sugar at the end, meaning the best at the end.), to me was when you said...

...the establishment isnt going to go easy. They will fight tooth and nail.

However, thank you for the kind words regarding the article. 🙂

"coms" would be spelled "kommt". but looking into this phrase, it appears to be an older form that might have been used in the time of the Hungarian/Austrian Rule of Croatia? In modern germany you might say : "Das Beste kommt zum Schluss" which has 200k google hits vs the Zucker with about 400 hits.

You are right! 🙂 And thank you for correcting. I have never been good in German (unfortunately - but there is still time to learn 😉), and by now I forgot even that smallest amount of some knowledge (especially when spelling comes into the question) I had many years ago. Despite that, I use above expression quite often. But now I taught some more and something new! Thank you! 🙂

I am very interested in gettint started in Crypto currency. Is therea link you could point me to on how to get started?

Take my upvote, you just started ;)

The fact that they will fight is scary, i hope it will be more figuratively than literally. I mean they have taken from us for long enough we should really be the ones fighting them off.

Indeed,,, let us take it very easy,,, if somebody would trust that explanation pf that writer on Reddit and did a stable plan in 2013 to invest heavily in Bitcoin then his or her situation will be more than better financially by today,, and this is very clear,,,, one path can be better than too many.


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Interesting... It's quite the coincidence that many of his predictions have been accurate so far...

Thank you for digging through your history and bookmarks to find the original reddit post. After reading his post and then coming back and rereading yours, I realized that you didn't take much of an opinionated stance on this "time traveler's" warnings. You presented all the information with both sides of the argument in mind. Which kudos to you for doing so but I'm interested to hear whether or not you believed in his accusations...

Also, thank you for linking @prufarchy's post. It was brilliantly written. One part of it really stood out to me, he wrote:

What the Bitcoin brochure doesn't tell you is that, by buying and hodling bitcoin, you're entering into a new phase of your life where economics, finance, marketing, distribution merge with technology and become topics you regularly peruse.

If Bitcoin is changing the world, it's changing us right alongside it... and for the better, for once.

And I could not agree more.

I hope this doesn't sound trite, but even Steemit has done that for me within the past several days. Participating in a platform that's based upon the blockchain and crypto has exposed me to new ways of thinking. While I appreciate the original post, I also appreciate your thoughtful contribution.

My personal opinion when it comes to Luka's predictions regarding BTC price rise, it sounded possible to me as back then same now. It maybe wouldn't happen precisely as he/she predicted it, but sooner or later it would hit those numbers (of course, with some ups and down amplitudes in between).

When it comes to how it could affect a human society in whole and what kind of changes may provoke, I'm afraid it could easily be misused, especially if we take into consideration human greed and increased lack of empathy for another human being. In other words, I think it would a lot depend on us and in which direction we would take it.

I like very much the comparison with the fire for all such things. Meaning if we treat it (the fire) right it would serve us exactly as we want but if we are not cautious enough and if we neglect its power we can easily end up burned.

GREED was a big part it is what is making DAOs and Dapps possible,,, with the "killer App" know as Bitcoin. But it needed to happen that way because the world culture is one of competition and self serving behaviors. If it had started out as anything less than a Pavlovian collar and chain mechanism it wouldn't be getting the attention it is today. But Bitcoin and "money" is the LEAST IMPORTANT POSSIBILITY for DAOs and Dapps,,, these don't create "Anarchy", they create distributed "agreements" that people can join or ignore,,, the adaged "GOVERNED BY CONSENT". This will not lead to KAOS it will lead to autonomous freedom and the ability to self actualize instead of being stuck on the lower levels of the Maslow's hierarchy.

What is going to catch most people off guard is that this new culture will REQUIRE "Personal Responsibility" and we know most people love daddy and the protective father figure that looks over and guards them from themselves. This is a good thing though,,, this is part of the process of SPIRITUALLY "growing up".

This is a very interesting perspective on the crypto phenomenon. even if you don't take this time traveler account in a nominal sense, it is known that human intuition can often exceed cerebral prediction of future events, much like Cliff High's program gets a lot of projections right. what matters is not the price of Bitcoin in dollars but rather the implications of such a price fluctuations. thing that are suggested here for example:

  1. The dollar equivalent price of Bitcoin would be irrelevant as soon as the majority has it.
  2. Powerful institution and individuals do not need the guise of government to maintain their power. inter-government institutions like the IMF could still operate at a time when world governments cease to.
    I think, maybe like when the Roman empire collapsed but western hegemony, iconised in the form of catholic Christianity continues to wield power even to the present day. these institutions can exist without the formal facade of government, as long as they govern de-facto.
  3. Is Bitcoin the crypto....... RESERVE CURRENCY?

Yeah, it's really interesting how many questions that "crypto phenomenon" (as you call it) opens. By writing the article I was more focused to open some questions for thinking and reviewing than trying to suggest anything else, as it's really very hard to predict anything. We don't know are we going to be here tomorrow or this guy from South Korea or somebody else would blow us all away.

This is the most Interesting blog Iv'e read in my life thank you very much for that tremendous read!

I honestly believe very strongly that Bitcoin will take over the dollar system, its going to happen and there's no stopping it. There are also other coins to store away aswell,

Dash: In my opinion is what bitcoin should have been!
Monero: Will explode next year due to it's dark web usage
NEM: Will also explode next year
Lumen: We must remember lumens is now partnered with IBM and are working on amazing payment system for crypto currencie also Korea has now implement lumen in there country = BIG MONEY
Ethereum: As soon as this kittens bullshit wears off we should see our beloved eth follow its big brother to the moon!

Mostly agree with your choices. Any alt-coin that has valid purpose and use is seeing a huge updrift in price.

One missing from your list, which I believe is going to be very big is SALT.

Look it up. SALT uses blockchain assets to lend you fiat, so you don't have to cash in the coins and pay capital gains taxes.

BRILLIANT !! SALT will be huge, because it serves a very useful purpose

Steem is not on the list. I would put Steem and Eos on my list. Ethereum and Bitcoin are old tech. Their scalability problem will kill them in the long run. All cryptocoins will psychologically take a blow from that and the MSM will scream the bubble has burst.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I read this comment of yours and logged in just to upvote you (doubling your wallet, I would upvote you even more if I could) and write you this. You are 100% correct in that Steem needs to be on the "must-buy list" (provided it will be sanitized by my UA hardforks, read my articles please), as well as EOS (provided it will go live as v1.0 and prove to work). Add IPFS to that as well, being at the core of EOS' infrastructure.

Start blogging here! I want to read more from you!

Edit: my upvote also made your rep go up from 25 to 26! :P

Scipio I agree with EOS WHAT A COIN THAT IS! consider yourselves lucky to be in on these coins nice and early. With steem id rather earn it that purchase it but no doubt its going to go nuts.

COB - free trading/exchange platform
IOTA - free transactions (wallet to wallet)
EOS - the operating system for the "Distributed Internet Platform/Programing Language"

I see these as 3 big "underlying techs" that will change the landscape. There are many other GREAT IDEAS for Tokenizing and revamping old business models to make them more efficient and more attractive. The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations


Awesome. I'm also bullish on ADA and DOGE LOL.

It's happening: http://operation-dragonslayer.com

Oh there you are again ;) go SALT!

Dave i agree with you it actually is on my list after Palm beach confidential released it, amazing coin

I think cryptocurrency will take over a significant share of the market but physical cash in hand will still maintain some value. I worry though that the value of everything that is not cryptocurrency is as risk, the value of property, the value of businesses, the value of cash itself, the value of any good. Cryptocurrency is about to take a big portion of the market share. I guess the answer is liquidate (or at the very least diversify) your assets and buy Cryptocurrency.

Agreed 100%. Cash will still maintain some value but the value compared to the cryptomarket will be ridicules. This crash is inevitable we just have to wait now.

what do you mean by moneros dark web usage?

@violet Its a coin usages by dark web users just like bitcoin was in the early stages.

@adsactly great post! I've actually heard of this story. But you given such profound understanding of other instances which makes me think that in a way we might be creating our own grave. I'm sure you've heard about how the bankers want to have a one world currency, bitcoin could possibly be a small way for them to get control. Assuming they become in control of the market. Best wishes :) - @splendorhub

Thank you!
Well, it could be that we are creating (as you said) "our own grave" but it could also be that we are not. As well, I believe that at every point in time in our lives we have the option to make choices and decisions that would take us in one or the other direction.

When I was writing this post, I was thinking more to inspire the readers just to think and review things instead of just taking it for granted in the way they are sometimes served to us.
In other words, if we observe something only from one perspective not taking into consideration the other possible or existing ones we could easily be misguided. I believe if we observe things from more than just one or two perspectives we have much bigger chances to make right choices and decisions.

Regarding banks and governments, I don't know what they are planning but I'm convinced they are looking for some way out for themselves from that cryptocurrency wonder that hit them unexpectedly.

Bankers and government are used to having everyone under control, and when they realize that they are loosing that control; yuup!... (I agree with you) they will look for other ways to find that control. Thank you for your comment :)

and though I do see the vision and the goals - I fail to see how Bitcoin is implementing them. It is a slow, costly network that is deeply split in opinion and has no structure. Do not get me wrong - I both agree with the TimeTraveler (to some extent) and with most of the comments, but I do not see bitcoin winning the race. Why run a bitcoin node - when Dash actually incentivises you to do so? Why trade bitcoin if the transaction costs are at 20$ right now and transaction times +60 minutes? Also, the "hash-flash" after the segwit2x cancellation (30% of the hashrate moved to Bitcoin cash) shows that the system might not be as decentralised as we all think, there are big mainly Asian clusters - the mining isn't decentralised that is for sure. Implementing a "central" entity to ease the burden of the Bitcoin blockchain -in my opinion- goes against everything that Bitcoin should stand for. Finally, but this is a downside many cryptos share: Proof of work! Even Visa and Deutsche Bank (some would say the evilest company in the world) process your transactions at a lower environmental impact.

@ana-maria - you wrote a lovely article that was very inspiring, but you wrote about a product (bitcoin - not blockchain nor cryptos!!!) that I think has no future. I am not hating - I am just pointing out that we need to reach the next step in our journey, Bitcoin got us this far, but it is time to mature and move on to a currency that works in the spirit of Bitcoin.

Did he happen to tell you who would win the next 10 Super Bowls or World Series'?

Hopefully he left a PDF of Grays Sports Almanac?

In other words, the occurrence of Bitcoin followed by all the other cryptocurrencies, in some or even many ways, became not only our chase but even a scream for freedom

This is a very dangerous perception.

It is anything but.

Have a look at my recent article to understand why.

Or check this one out, I saw it being discussed by some people.

Please understand: Bitcoin, Litecoin, 99% of the "cryptos" out there, they have nothing to do with freedom and privacy.

Many people thought they did, many more still do, but understand this.

These are not private, they don't help privacy: they make the task of spying on everyone who uses them EASIER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN.

The economic growth would be only -2% per year as most of the people would hold enough Bitcoin to last them for a lifetime what would eliminate every incentive to invest the money.

I disagree with this; from my personal experience, from reading some of the old masters, and from observation of people I know who have some means, the accumulation of capital does serve as a good launchpad for future projects; indeed, it seems like a healthier alternative to me than relying on credit.

We are animals of burden, not many people will be happy just sitting around and doing nothing, even if (perhaps especially if) they are rich.

What if he really was a time traveler and the differences in price for some of his predictions is because of the butterfly effect he had by time traveling?

Sounds like someone's been listening to some old Art Bell shows.

lol - 😁 - Yeah, there are a lot of those "IFs"... - This one just didn't cross my mind! 🙂👍

The most impressive part is that the government won't exit any more in 2025, and we don't know what we don't know and make decision just based on what we have known.
Anyway, the world is changing fast, even faster than we can imagine especially 5 to 10 years later, we need to get prepared for it.

The most impressive part is that the government won't exit any more in 2025,

Why do you say this?

I think we should hope for best and work in that direction but as well be prepared for other possibilities.

Very thought-provoking read. I am worried where this is all headed. At least I can say confidently that Bitcoin is going to get much more important. Satoshi Nakamoto may reveal himself at some point, then what? He owns a million Bitcoin. Will he/she/they/it rule the world?

But he didn't predict steem to be the future... I guess it would expose his cover if he mentioned that.

Well, in 2013 when he/she was writing his/her article on Reddit, STEEM and Steemit didn't exist.
So, we could think about it (Steem and Steemit) as a solution he/she was bagging us to create for getting out of the possible trouble from his/her scenario. 😉
What about that? 😉😊

i like it, explanation accepted.

Wow. Very well written article. Have you read Spiral Dynamics? The book talks about all of the levels of human consciousness - and how we are about to enter into a new level of consciousness "2nd Tier" and we know very little about the reality of what it will look like. We know that it will be a new understanding that we are all ONE, and money, education, information, etc will look very different from today. In fact, in the next 3-12 years, human reality will change more drastically than it has from the beginning of humanity to now!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Very interesting @adsactly. History tends to repeat cycles. One cycle is that about every 84 years the USA ends up in some sort of major war (revolutionary war, civil war, WWII and again 2024?). The generational cycle resets every 20 years or so. This timeline lines up with what I've been expecting, so if it's true, then bitcoin seems to have found a scaling solution (Perhaps Lightning Network, Schnorr signatures or something else).

In the near term, I expect market cap to begin to spread out into the altcoins because of bitcoin's scaling issues. I realize that bitcoin doesn't have to fill the medium of exchange for now since there are altcoins, but most of them don't have scale yet either and haven't been tested as fiercely as bitcoin. The ones that do scale interestingly enough are Steem and Bitshares and potentially EOS in the future assuming this project goes without a major hitch (All Dan Larimers projects incidentally).

One last thought... Government has relied on unlimited money for too long so I can see a scenario where the USD no longer exists post 2020. While unlimited money has made large scale war possible, once the money is gone, war will eventually be small scale again. Wondering what happens with all those nukes and nuclear energy plants though. Until these machines are eradicated from the earth, there will still be great danger.

Someone put together a graph of the predicted path against the actual bitcoin pricing - though it's hard to think that this might all just be the ramblings of a schizophrenic serial killer...

Thanks for the post @adsactly, I completely agree and I also believe the changes coming to the world will have the most affect on the professional services sector, the only thing I see differently is the governments will find a way to tax it. Once they do and it is widely accepted as a form of payment in day to day use, then we can see the changeover. My favourite comparison recently is the comparison between the way blockchains work and the human brain. Biomimicry at its finest.

Wow! Wild post. I love it. This stimulates my brain to think about the other side. Here I have been gaining an uplifting hopeful feeling about the future, but in reality we could be walking down a road that ends with danger. Why wouldn't the government be purchasing crypto? They surely have enough money xD If they do invest however, the people currently in will surely ride the rocket. With the anonymity and increasingly powerful encryptions I don't see how these buyers could be tracked down, but its a very thought provoking post! Thanks.

dude I went back and read that reddit article you linked, it's freaky how close the price prediction was so far xD

Wow really makes you think but while I do think bitcoin will continue to grow I really hope all that gloom and doom doesn’t come as well

mind blowing post
good information

You know, this reminds me of the plot of Mr.Robot. As much of mind drain is that show is to watch, it subtly clues to the same scenario: what if taking down the man...is just what the man wants in order to further his Orwellian society.


Thank you.


Now we know where John McAfee got his 2020 prediction from ;) /s

Joking aside, a very interesting read.

Actually, some of them are already happening right now...

Great work and nice photos...Nice expression "digital currency not just a moment, but a movement".

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Time will reveal the truth.

Exactly! 🙂


lol - Yes, it is a bit crazy like the whole life is in some sort of the way. 😉🙂

@ana-maria I absolutely loved the article! Sent shivers down my spine.... My god!
Wants to make me a believer! Bitcoin would be the ultimate symbol of decentralisation!

Please view my article on bitcoin and let me know your view on it :


hahaha - Thank you! 🙂

Vote me brother :)


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great post..i bookmarked this post and i will verify it what will be happaned in 2019...

hahaha - Great! Thanks! 🙂 Just as I did with Luka's post back then. 🙂

And he didnt mentioned about any BTC forks? That means, there was no survival of BCH and BTG?

Well, I think it would be great questions to ask him/her! 😉

Ask yourself ... before history is written .. “ Cui bono “ ?

Excellent comment! And yes, you are right - when we filtered almost anything through that simple "Cui bono?" (For whose benefit?) question - many things are much clear and easier to see.

Thanks .... great post either way. Cheers


Thanks! 🙂

3/10 cyberpunk story, lmao about mining citadels

If only I didn't sell my 2.5 btcs in 2013. If only I kept my recurring payment of $250 a month.... rrrraaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa

Wonder if it's this Luka Magnotta?
Great read

Thank you very much for your kind words. And I'm sorry as I really don't know is it the same person, just the nickname on Reddit or somebody else with the same name.

Wow this has opened my eyes to cryptocurrency as I am only new in this industry. Hope to gain more knowledge and wisdom on this. Thanks.

Thank you and you are welcome!
But don't be scared of cryptocurrencies and crypto word, just make your own researches and take in consideration different options and possibilities.

This post just blew my mind!

Thank you! I'll take that as a compliment! 😉😊

the first question is how many time travelers did change present , after traveling to the past ? according to many evidences it is the system as history was made . he/she made good article , but there are many questions opened . we live in so many new evidences about human life and history , that god's will and definition is totally wrong .

Wow! Since we cannot time-travel (yet?) we will have to wait and see how it goes.

Yeah! As always! 😉😊

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

But we can timetravel. Even if only in one direction at constant speed.

Fascinating read. . . Feels like we are moving swiftly into the future as we are indeed doing so, who knows what technology will emerge to change the game !

Yeah, as always - time will show! 😉🙂

now am scared of holding bitcoin after i read this post you must put a warning before anyone read it :( future!!!!!! x(

Oh, come on - there is nothing to be scared of and it wasn't the intention of this post, just to make us think and review things instead of just taking it for granted. And that includes this post too! 😉🙂

😉lol thank you for replying and for this great post and i must admit after reading this post i've started thinking of the future.

You are more than welcome! 🙂




@adsactly possibilities are endless I would rather be optimistic

Absolutely agree that "possibilities are endless"! And btw, I am totally optimistic, just wanted (with this post) to intrigue the readers and make them think and review things instead of just taking it for granted, as there are always many different angles the same thing can be seen and observed. 😉🙂

This is scary Man!!!!

George Norry, call your office.

Oh, it's not! It's just to make you think about other options and possibilities and observe this not only from this or that angle but from many others as well. 🙂

You got a point as well

This is scary, hope it wont tell about world chaos...

No, it's not scary. It's just to make us think and review things. 😉🙂

An awesome read that has my creative juices flowing. Thanks A Million!

Thank you very much for such a nice comment that for sure would give me some "fuel" for future writings (although, maybe completely different ones). 😉😊

why did she only give prices of bitcoin... tell us where iota, ethereum, litecoin and eos are going to be

Why don't you ask him/her yourself :):)

Don't you know? All Cryptos were outlawed in 2019 except for Bitcoin. It's more powerful than all the world governments put together!

hmmm... - As far as I know any of those currencies except Litecoin (which was obviously too small to be taken into consideration) were on the coin market in 2013. Maybe that's the reason?! 😉

That was a fun read haha!! At this point if BTC were being bought in large amounts by governments around the world, I wouldn't be surprised.

Well, to be honest, neither would I (be surprised) although I think some rich individuals, companies, corporations, and banks would be in that race first and before the governments (if nothing else to secure their position so they can maintain the control they already hold over them). 😉🙂

Wow that Is Interesting.

Thank you! 🙂