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RE: A trader just made a million dollar bet that Bitcoin would be over $50k by the end of 2018

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Well that's a safe bet when bitcoin made 1000% the former year! I would prefer to see a 50k bet that bitcoin would reach 1 million by 2018! This is gambling!
But for me it's just a waste of money. When you have one million to spend, you buy bitcoins and steem!


Hello @adriatik
From my point of view, that bitcoin is considered a safe haven in the future
Despite changing their value from time to time.
I wish you luck and success.

thank you slimane, luck and success to you too!

I would rather buy Steem if I have One Million to spend...and convert it to Steem Power, that way I could help other Steemian people by upvoting them.

Hello @joshvel
Your dream is nice, worthy of appreciation and respect
All bloggers will be happy if your dream come true.
I wish you luck and success.

or be an evil whale and harass other people by flagging them! ahah!

Thank you for that humbling comment! Cheers! 🍸🍸

I am totally agree with you.

It's not a safe bet.
Quite contrary, if people are going to say its a safe bet when the thing itself cannot even fullfil it purpose, it is a sure sign for a bubble. It's a Maid's Hausse

Not a safe bet at all. With so much influence from banks, investors, and company owners about the livelihood of bitcoin and all alt coins in the news, I think the price will begin to fluctuate even more the way we see in the stock markets. At this very moment, Dec 22 11:00 am EST, BTC is at $13,200. That is a big drop from a few days ago like, Friday, Dec 16 at 11:00 pm EST at a high $19,390. I think people who had bitcoins were starting to get scared and cashed in on their winnings right away. Now that it is going down, many more new investors will buy in to bitcoin in hopes of cashing in on the rise of its price again. And so goes the cycle of buying low and selling high, the way the stock market is.

I think many more people will begin to see the potential of all altcoins as a way to make money buy investing in cryptocurrency similar to the way the stock market works.

I just saw an article about Goldman Sachs creating a trading platform for bitcoins. Soon many more banks and investing firms will follow suit.

Hello @yomaicoin
Do not let fear dominate you, as long as you intend to invest your money for the long term
As you know all currencies, bonds and stocks exhibition ups and downs of the value of
If we go back in the middle of 2016, when you return the value of bitcoin
How panic spread but then jumped and then back then jumped and then back and so forth
I wish you luck and success.

Thank you much for the kind words. Please check out my latest blog regarding Coinbase and how the value of BTC and its other hosted altcoins provides the opportunity to make $1000+ in seconds. Let me know what you think.

I wanted to and an update to my comment. Although there are high fees, you can make money from coinbase as well. Look at my most recent blog about this. Happened in the past few hours.

Hello @yomaicain
Your topics are very good, worth reading and commenting, I wish everyone read it.

Yeah I think a lot of people are taking their profits and getting ready for the next surge.

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