Cryptocurrency fate at the end of the year

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All the disappointments of crypto asset holders as if we have not seen them on various social media today. Those who initially took advantage of the assets they traded for several months back, starting in mid-November until now the disaster has befallen them, various predictions we read in the media about crypto prices at the end of 2018. Tom Lee is a research leader who is also a builder of the research firm about Crypto, FGA, Tom Lee predicts BTC prices by the end of 2018 to reach $ 25,000, after what happened to the current crypto world, as if this prediction is just a joke, the crypto market crash is so severe that there is no hope of rising , moreover hoping for the price of one BTC to reach $ 25,000.

Selling all assets or maintaining assets owned at this time is certainly still confusing. The crypto market is likely to recover, but the rather small crypto price is likely to return to its original price, this problem continues to be a conversation now in social media. What's more surprising is Tom Lee's forecast of BTC prices in 2020, through graphical analysis he is currently doing based on BTC price movements during the previous year, with the results of graphical analysis conducted, Lee is increasingly convinced that BTC prices will reach $ 91,000 in 2020 , this is a really fantastic price considering the price of BTC today is only around $+4,000.


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With Ramalam Lee, which shocked crypto investors, of course they have to weigh in making decisions on the fate of the assets they have, we can say this is impossible, but it does not rule out the possibility because now people all over the world are increasingly familiar with crypto and blockchain, enthusiasts are increasingly increasing, starting from collecting airdrop coins to investing in promising crypto markets.

The development of new coins is also increasingly rapid now, various countries in the world as if they do not want to miss in terms of creating new coins to be traded on the global market. Here's a little about the problem of digital tokens at the end of 2018, prices will soar again.


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