The state's attempt to control BTC - Morgan Rockwell CEO of Bitcoin Inc

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Bitcoin entrepreneur Morgan Rockwell was arrested by Department Of Homeland Security over a Bitcoin transaction from November 2016 and was released under a personal recognizance bond. Learn more about his story here:

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Thanks for sharing this story. This is indeed the governments attempt to control Bitcoin through fear, or perhaps we can say they are spreading more FUD. This story is quite sad, but I think the saddest part is the man not being allowed to take his medicinal cannabis which has been rightfully prescribed by a doctor. I'd be furious if I were in his situation and my cannabis needs hardly fall into the medicinal category. I hope justice prevails and he beats the case.

Hope he beats the case too
Unfortunately, Government spread FUDs the more and creates strategies to counter a decentralized economy.
Fortunately, Blockchain has come to stay and sustainable decentralized platforms erupts by the day.

Bitcoin, like many other Cryptos represent the kind of decentralized system that needs absolutely no government intervention to flourish. That's why they're scared of it. Not just governments, virtually all big powerhouses in the current system are trying to bring Crypto down - they can try, but it won't succeed

Marijuana hash oil extraction machine? LOL Any sane person would not view that as suspicious. Only a rabid FED can come up with something this stupid.

lucky for him he was released and free now. Just be careful to the hacker or even to the government. We never know what is their next move from time to time. A history of what happened January 30, 1934 to the America with the Gold force surrender of the people. Be watchful and vigilant. Thanks @adamkokesh

Crypto currency will destroy government corruption! the people will win!

The federal Reserve will be extinct just a matter of time, and people will woke up from the stupidity they were doing, and soon bitcoin will be the currency of the free people. Bitcoin just grown organically, because people get tired of what the government doing like policing the world which will only benefit those elites.

Not funny for Rockwell and the other 8 convicted but honestly don't the federals have any better to do than discriminate people.

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This is so unbelievable the sheer amount of corruption in public sector. Time for corporations to take over

As blockchain begins to significantly threaten the underpinnings of the old system, I have no doubt intimidation and worse will be favorite weapons of those who stand to lose with decentralization.

the development of bitcoin is growing rapidly and does not require government intervention to develop. It is the biggest fear for the government that the government is looking for various ways to discredit bitcoin.
bitcoin is the money of the future

It may become the "money of the future", but it seems like that won't be happening in the USA... certainly not at the outset. Until this government is reigned in, whereas, at present using it will be considered an act of "civil disobedience", only a scant few will dare work with it. And this is a big deal for anarchos. Is this not proving to us all, that the means of defending oneself against encroaching governments is simply not available to anarchos? At least the minarchos have the Deputiz'm Plan option at their disposal............

Now, it is intriguing that Nevada's casinos would have immunity against this sort of contrived strict liability processing. But try to open up a casino as an anarcho in america and see what kind of power you need to fight a state from preventing your construction.

Gdax is backed by the FDIC. The feds are already in the game -

I agree with the opinion Morgan Rockwell

my opinion, run by Nazis, Nazi children from World War 2 & financial dictators like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citi. The banks where the past shows who is trying to destroy the financial markets of the United States with derivatives, mortgages & debt, even further in the past trying to divide the country into the Civil War, trying to kill Andrew Jackson, succeeded in killing John Kennedy & helping money move in a way that leads to 9/11.

a federal court that forbids Bitcoin by any means, a scapegoat that does not protect the rights of citizens. This is ridiculous when a court judges an innocent person by finding excuses .
strangely this country

Did he get sentenced?

We need to get some people elected to Congress.

Kokesh 2020! I'm becoming a big fan! Maybe I'll start an Omaha, NE support group..

It will be impossible to control BTC.

and they are quite successful

this is so implausible the sheer amount of corruption in public region. Time for corporations to take over...

how are they going to control it in another country? I dont think they can, because they are having a hard time trying to figure it out here. what do you think?

Forgot, Here as of right now is the USA. But most people i speak to have no clue on cryto and the news seems to only report the bad. weird.

“I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”
― Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson was centuries ahead of his time. If he were alive today he would have to travel in a bullet proof car.

Big governement and their subsidized media/corporations will do anything to limit the bitcoin/public/permission-less blockchain revolution. but the genie is out of the lamp, and I believe that freedom and volountary exchange between humans will win over coruption and centralisation.

This is a joke right? Can't believe justice is so hard to come by this day

I Think bitcoin in our future world wide currency with crypto also.

What a good article, very interesting is regrettable that they want to control that currency.

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Nice video!

Very nice information

Judicial corruption is rampant, especially with federal judges. Be careful.

great blog thanks for tha post

That was messed up definitely some bs

bitcoin is the money of the future and is the subject of today's search for which there is no government tax
a federal court that forbids Bitcoin by any means, a scapegoat that does not protect the rights of citizens. This is ridiculous when a court judges an innocent person by finding excuses .

horrible and profoundly sad

good job

thank you for sharing information.This is indeed a government effort to control Bitcoin through their fear,deeply in pity

so, here is an example of one of sessions "sealed" indictments that qanon said was supposed to be for the swamp. he said he was one of 8 sealed indictments. to be fair, he did say theyve been tracking his trades since 2015. sessions needs to go.

thank you for sharing information
very unfortunate it can happen like that; that's what human name does not have good character, I always support your work @adamkokesh


this guy made some bold statements that indicate his values are in accordance with is thoughts and feelings. to say props to this man would be a woeful understatement. Mr. Morgan Rockwell deserves respect and much admiration. Ask him Adam please and let us know what can we do to be helpful to him in a tangible way this man is fighting for our freedom.

Great post....cryptocurrency will destroy many corruptions further!

it's time to replace the president. I support you to be president

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Hey Whats up Morgan! I made a Video Animation for you in 2015!

A very good post and can be a view
@adamkokes Thanks for sharing this story. This is indeed a government effort to control Bitcoin through fear, or maybe we can say they are spreading more FUD. The story is pretty sad, but I think the saddest part is that the man is not allowed to take the drug marijuana that the doctor has prescribed.
this vidio greatly inspired me

Wow el bitcoin siempre tiene de qué hablar.


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I never knew that the Government can track down bitcoin transactions. You just never know what they're up to!

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thanks for your post

Bitcoin is free, so any government wants to control it

This has been going on from a while. Any governance of cryptos goes against everything it stands for.

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You're on the @abusereports naughty list! Bad Steemian!