Rumor that Amazon, Google and Uber might accept Bitcoin? Imagine how high BTC could go if people knew you could use Bitcoin to buy food at Wholefoods, transport via Uber or shopping online via amazon. — Steemit

Rumor that Amazon, Google and Uber might accept Bitcoin? Imagine how high BTC could go if people knew you could use Bitcoin to buy food at Wholefoods, transport via Uber or shopping online via amazon.

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Wow This is some serious news everyone! My friend @tytran told me about a new rumors that Amazon may make an announcement soon about accepting Bitcoin!

I was genuinely shockerd when I looked at all these headlines! Apparently a conference call about Bitcoin is making people go crazy! But if Amazon DOES accept Bitcoin oh wow imagine just imagine how high Bitcoin could go, and Amazon is a Huge company that sel so many essential items that living off Bitcoin would be seen as more possible by the mass public! Here is a screenshot of a Google Search of simply "amazon to accept bitcoin"

This could happen in a matter of days and I believe if Bitcoin Segwit2x Hardfork coin which comes out in November, if that version of Bitcoin is fast and has low fees then we could see all the big companies jumping on board, and if Goldman Sachs announces that they are buying Bitcoin then EVERYONE will want it! It will signal a MASSIVE Bitcoin Rush and who KNOWS which Bitcoin they might choose! Bitcoin Core might be left in the dust if Bitcoin Segwit2x is chosen instead by Google Goldman Sachs Amazon Walmart and all those big corporations.

Maybe even the FAANG companies Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix Google will all end up accepting Bitcoin because they are all digital online companies and Bitcoin would be a no brainier as it is a digital currency. After the hardforks are done and we have a solution for fees and transaction times then it makes sense that we would see internet companies using internet money. Some say they might skip over Bitcoin and have their own Crypto currency but I believe they'll need to use one of the Bitcoins or use an existing cryptocurrency because building your own corporate coin from scratch is harder than it seems because if no one believes in it no one will want it but if you made the cin tied in some way to a company like Google and made it tied to Google's Earnings like google Stock in a Crypto currency now THAT would be something would want and believe in! people will always believe in an Amazon coin or a Microsoft Coin, if the coins reflect the stock price of microsoft AND are used to PURCHASE microsoft products and services, so your hypothetical Google coin can be used to buy Ads with google ad-sense or Facebook coin can be used to buy ads on facebook, Amazon coin can be used to buy products on amazon, and so on... This would be very interesting... people would want these coins if they replaced actual stock shares somehow which they will eventually. Decentralized stock markets and decentralized corporations so transparent anyone can help the company to profit is the future!

Seeking Alpha even has a story from this year (june 2017) about how Amazon will be the first company to reach a 1 trillion dollar marketcap!

Bitcoin for the Google and Amazon services and Steem for the Facebook and Instagram and Youtube type services is an obvious path of least resistance. Wow maybe this is why @fyrtsikken believes Steem could go to $2500 per steem or more? That really does seem completely possible when you CONSIDER what we have here and how it is the most secure, efficient and stable blockchain and how Delegated proof of stake allows stake holders to retain power while keeping it decentralized while proof of work bitcoin is susceptible to a monopoly. We should welcome the new money coming into crypto. The new money from wallstreet and institutional money will leave us all in the clouds... we won't remember what $5000 Bitcoin even felt like when Bitcoin is up above $50,000 and when Steem is $10 we won't remember what $1 or even $2 steem even felt like! But things may go down before they go up to that level so be ready for anything! Steemit users will be getting awards of 1 or 2 steem and they'll be getting $10 or $20 dollars! Users will be splitting up Steem the way they split up Bitcoin and 0.001 Steem will still be $1 when Steem is $1000 each! It happened to Bitcoin SO fast and it will happen to steem one day!

And even Uber might be into Bitcoin now as a simple search on google for "Bitcoin Uber" will find you this:

Uber now has an Ex Expedia Bitcoin Friendly CEO Dara Khosrowshahi who helped Expedia accept Bitcoin while CEO... so this seems like very good news Here is the article

So there you go! ANOTHER big corporation with rumors of accepting Bitcoin, this would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Bitcoin being accepted by this many mainstream companies will allow them to reach that trillion dollar marketcap sooner than later! Once the big tech ginats are using Bitcoin and are making money from it maybe we will see an end to this anti Bitcoin talk and that whole Jaime Dimon Ben Bernanke threats of US government banning Bitcoin will be revealed as simply FUD and pushing the price down! The governments of the world are filled with Humans, humans who will end up owning Bitcoins and making a lot of profit from simply holding them and so we will see a global adoption of crypto soon without any FUD of Crypto bans..... We didn't ban electricity , we didn't ban the internet and humans will not ban cryptocurrency and China is just regulating, consolidating and centralizing the exchanges!

I would like to end this post on a light note of entertainment and fun for all the young people watching this... :D Here is a song with nice animation background that I really like and just recently stumbled across again, but I did hear this when it first came out it is just really ascetically pleasing!

I like the background image of this song and the song is pretty interesting! If you don't like electronic new type stuff skip it but yeah for maybe younger people may enjoy this song more. But we are on our way to a Beautiful new world! I think of Steem when i hear these lyrics!!!

We’re rising, we’re falling
We’ll make it through
We’re climbing, we’re soaring
A thousand views
Something at the edge of Space, calling us to fly away

Wow they even mention getting 1000 Views! wow I need those 1000 upvotes ! I love steemit and steem blockchain because I feel like we are on the cusp of a social media transfer of wealth where the social media currency starts pouring into the blockhain and Instagram will have to start paying its top users or they'll leave instagram for steemit. I showed above how people are paid $100 to $50,000 per POST on Instagram or snapchat when they have Followers but thats money from Brands and third party deals! Imagine when they realize they can make money off these third party deals AND get paid directly from the social media platform like steemit does!

Something's gonna bring a change
Journeys we are meant to take
Something at the edge of space
Calling us to fly away

I feel like these Lyrics relate to Steemit right now! Steem going to the Moon is going to change the world for the better, people will have new opportunity new jobs, and the internet will grow and decentralized internet will become the choice for most people ! We are building the new decentralized internet with steem! Ain't no crying in the club! Let the beat carry your tears baby, with a little faith your tears turn to ecstasy!

Aint no cryin on the blockchain!

Ahhh wooo Ahhh oooo ahhhhhhhh

Ain't no Cryin on the Chain

Watch latest video from @dan here posted by @dollarvigilante here

And that's it! Buy steem EOS Golos and Bitshares! and buy DASH too as it is the anonymous crypto currency that will compete with Monero and may even have a lot of the same Steem people inboard.. I would recommend a DPOS delegated prof of stake portfolio. But just make sure you buy Steem! Steem is cheap! EOS is also cheap at 50 cents and Golos at 10 cents is very very cheap time to vacuum up the emeralds at the bottom of the ocean!

Foo Foo

If you have questions about bitcoin steemit crypto or making money mining or marketing, feel free to email me or text 619 500 3748 and....

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@ackza you know and I know that when this happens this will be a game changer........

imagine if bitcoins replace all other currencies !
Purchased Camera for BTC 0.000021
Purchased Domain for BTC 0.00012
Purchased computer for btc 0.00222
pizza for btc 0.00001
shoes for btc 0.0002
Every thing will be in decimal numbers :P


That is why they will use Satoshis or Micro Bitcoins to describe these fraction of bitcoin prices

Good words "time to wash emeralds on the ocean floor!" Yes this is the time to act. But act with the head.

the world future iconomi depends on Bitcoin.


Hmmm iconomi?

ICONOMI is a platform which offers investors a golden opportunity to get into the Crypto world by index investing that are managed by experts. ICONOMI concentrates to channel funds from investors to the promising projects in the decentralized economy.

This video goes over iconomi, hmm seems like it actually is a way to invest in performing indexes , this guy is a steemit user too @dan-atstarlite

Great post. Bitcoin on Amazon would be great I wouldn't be spending money I don't have like I do now buying with my visa. Plus you can just wait for bitcoin to go up and spend saved btc that you paid very little for.


yes and that info about Expedia accepting Bitcoin is 100% True... I just saw a Video Ad of @craig-grant saying how hes staying at resorts because Expedia let him pay for hotel rooms with Bitcoin!!!!

It's pretty fucking incredible to think that now someone traveling can actually use bitcoin they make online to pay for a hotel in any city on earth and so Bitcoin and crypto become something you can ow Live off of just like you can live off fiat money both paper and digital.... people dont worry about their digital bank accounts being "invalid" its so weird how people have this argument against bitcoin that if the power goes out its worthless... when the power goes out all debit cards stop working... its crazy to think that Bitcoin is somehow different that forms of digital money we have been using for a long long time now.... if the Television told everyone that Bitcoin was good no one would have any problems with it

people are just herd animals and follow what their leaders tell them, Americans used to think for themselves but now they all just do what they are told and if their favorite internet star tells them that Bitcoin is a scam and pyramid scheme, then they will repeat that lie! and if their favorite youtuber tells them the next day "Oh nevermind, BTC is good buy BTC" then they will!

so when the news comes out and says Amazon and Uber and Google all accept Bitcoin then we will see a ton of Hipster type behavior "I was into bitcoin before it was popular" or we will see people who had been telling others Bitcoin was a ponzi, all of the sudden claiming that they had been Pro Bitcoin this whole time....

we will see people begging to buy Bitcoin at $10,000 soon, you wont be able to find a Bitcoin for under $20,000 one day very very soon, next year we will see $50,000 Bitcoin and its strange to me that other people don't really understand this yet

It be so good going for a ride with uber and then paying with my tenx card.


do you already have a tenx card? I just use my Bitpay card but it would be nice to use a card that simply had litecoin just to avoid fees or just to use Steem for no fees at all... a card that used steem would simply charge the person steem as a fee to be profitable but allow someone to send sbd to a steemit account and use a visa mastercard prepaid that theyc an send peopel and just load that card uip as someone sends SBD to your account.... similar to the old shapeshift Steem to Debiot card API to turn any prepaid or bank debot card to a steem debit card


Sorry mate, on my wishlist. Will be getting one soon, well who knows maybe with the media smart tokens paying with steem could be possible in the future @ackza

If this happens I am sure the price will explode (again!)

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I hope the rumour is true

very good information ;) thank you !!!

When that happens an easy bitcoin $10k would happen. I think that Fly Away song is dope. A good song to listen to when your coin is doing a 10x :)

HODL your bitcoins! This ride has not reached its speed limit yet.

Online transaction will be cheaper and easier...cant wait...thanks for your project @ackza

@ackza thanks for this information

That would turn out great but as for the price of BTC it will rise like hell
Only time can tell accurately