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RE: The Problem with Bitcoin ATMs - Use Case: Trying to Get Dash Locally

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Hello Mike, I have tried to answer your questions below, if there are any remaining, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also contact me via telephone on any of the numbers listed on:

Do all General Bytes ATM's support dash now
Support for Dash is included in the GB ATM fleet management software. This effectively means that all GENERAL BYTES ATM models ever made, model BATMOne (no longer sold, yet still actively supported), BATMTwo and BATMThree (all 5 models) have vending support for Dash. (i.e. support selling Dash to end-users)

a. does the owner have to enable it or
Correct. All GB Bitcoin ATM operators run their own wallets, software, exchange connections. We have no control over their operations. At GB we feel it is important that the ATM network is decentralized, this is how Satoshi would have wanted it. :)

The ATM operator will need to run a Dash Core Wallet (in the video I referred to it as Dash Daemon, sorry for the confusion)

b. update software or
Correct. BATM updates are available every two weeks. To upgrade your ATM, select the ATM in your admin panel, click upgrade terminal, sit back and relax for 2 mins while your terminal is remotely upgraded. 'upgrade' sounds like a lot of work but we make it as painless as possible and there is no need to visit the machine to do this. We further do not force updates on our operators and allow them to decide if and when they want to install instead.

c. buy a new ATM?
That would be unethical and wasteful. As stated above, all BATM units ever made are compatible.

Where can I see a list of all General Bytes ATMs?
Because of the decentralized network setup we do not have a list of all our ATMs with a small exception. The ATMs allow to publish their rates to our HQ (this is disabled by default as it would break our decentralized promise) when the operator decides to do this the ATM is shown on the map of our homepage at and it's data is being fed to sites like where visitors can view live rates and current operational status of the machines. coinATMradar also has an app that shows your the nearest ATM and what cryptocurrencies are offered. Please note that some ATMs operators have not registered with coinatmradar and as such their machine might not be listed while they are online and operational. This is most noticeable in the Spanish language markets.


Thank you so much for answers; I'm taking notes and will provide this on an upcoming site of Dash resources. I will contact you and hopefully we can be in touch directly.

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